Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Cincinnati New Year’s Day Singing

Harriet Beecher Stowe House, Cincinnati, Ohio

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The annual Cincinnati New Year’s Day Singing was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Linda Coppock leading 147t. An opening prayer was offered by David Casenhiser.

A brief business session yielded the following: Chairman—Kay Huener; Arranging Officer—John Bealle; Secretary—Linda Coppock.

Leaders: Michael Domino 235; Ed Walton 31t; Karen Arnett 327; Rich Overturf 49b; Nada Huron 34b; Debbie Hall 390 (ShH); Ray Rechenberg 454; Judy Schuetz 140 (ShH); Amanda Bower 277; Dorsey Stebbins 312b; Jim Coppock 198; Linda Coppock 542; Jim Patterson 278t; Bob French 313b; David Casenhiser 551; Karen Carreli 117; John Bealle 436.


Kay Huener called the class back together by leading 49t. Leaders: Randy Webber “Nos Galan”; Sheila Patterson 305 (ShH); Seth Mitter 404t (ShH); Mary Brinkman 38t; Daniel Coppock 362; Barb Lund 178; Anne Missavage 81t; Bill Shetter 4t (ShH); Charles Coulston 350; Delainey Bowers 128; Kay Huener 269; Cecelia Kramer, Delphine Douglass, and Jim Werbel 106; Grace Patterson 37b; Rich Kern 496; Nikos Pappas 402 (ShH); Rachel Hall 326t (ShH).

John Bealle and Debbie Hall offered a brief remembrance for Marky Aden (Ohio), who was attempting to lead each song in the book. The New Year’s Day singing last year was her last (she led 156). John led 157 in remembrance of Marky. John Bealle then led 268 in memory of Amy (Walton) Phillips. Randy Webber offered a lunch blessing.


Linda Coppock called the class back to order leading 114. Leaders: Andrew Clinard 133; Mike Hieber 82t; Rick Arnett 126; Nathan Coppock 107; Eloise Clark 171; Bill Shetter 457 (ShH); Jim Coppock 218; Cecelia Kramer 430; Rachel Hall 338 (ShH); Anne Missavage 474; Debbie Hall 264 (ShH); Charles Coulston 344; Nikos Pappas 294 (ShH); Amanda Bower 304; Delphine Douglass 312t; Linda Coppock, Connie Sanders, and Rick Boydston 392 (ShH); Seth Mitter 472; Mary Brinkman 38b; Daniel Coppock 53; Kay Huener 159.


John Bealle led 30t to bring the class back to order. Leaders: Randy Webber “Hustad”; Sheila Patterson 10 (ShH); Karen Arnett and Jenn Whitehurst 546; Bob French 223; Ray Rechenberg 76t (ShH); Delainey Bowers 47t; Jim Patterson 547; Michael Domino 278 (ShH); Ed Walton and Rich Overturf 236; Rich Overturf 47b; Grace Patterson 324; Nathan Coppock 186; Nikos Pappas 239 (ShH); Rachel Hall 78 (ShH).

Kay Huener led 347 as the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Randy Webber.

Chairman—Kay Huener; Secretary—Linda Coppock