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Tri-County Sacred Harp Singing

Immanuel Presbyterian Church, Montgomery, Alabama

Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Tri-County Sacred Harp Singing (previously named the Elmore County Convention) was held at Immanuel Presbyterian Church, Montgomery, Alabama, on Saturday before the third Sunday in November. Bill Hogan offered brief comments about reading the Sacred Harp notes and music, welcomed the class, and led 39t. Rev. Elizabeth O’Neill offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Joey Brackner 47b; Nancy Hogan 464 (CB); Sue Bunch 148 (CB); Steve Grauberger 69 (CB); Morgan Bunch 504t (CB); Hubert Nall 84 (CB); Pearl Guier 32t; Ken Sundberg 42 (CB); Alice Sundberg 72 (CB); Tori Gundlach 349; Jim Aaron 503; Richard Mauldin 446; Bea Aaron 475; Robert Chambless 163b (in memory of Lou Cotney); Judy Chambless 340 (in memory of Teenie Moody, Carroll Lunsford, and Jeff Sheppard).

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Bill Hogan; Vice Chairman—Joey Brackner; Secretary—Nancy Hogan; Arranging Officer—Carol Duvall.


Joey Brackner called the class back to order leading 84. Leaders: Ann Gray 186; Cathy Maddox 358 (CB) (in memory of Ethylene Patrick); Wynette Smith 282 (CB); Ryan Bowman 367 (CB) (in memory of Billy Hammonds); Janet King 270 (CB); Jim Carnes 436; Marion Patrick 580 (CB); Nate Green 373 (CB); Robby Anderson and Wendy Futral 35; Robby Anderson and Wendy Futral 463 (CB).


Bill Hogan called the class back to order leading 154b (CB). Leaders: Stanley Smith 522 (CB); Wayne Jones 553 (CB); Larry Shaw 479; Tommy Spurlock 156 (CB); Danny Creel 140 (CB); Ken Tate 511b (CB); Karen Clark 269 (CB); Adam Brasich 68t (CB); Ledora Morris 40 (CB); Nicole Bowman 142; Jack Nelson 95; Darlu Nall 376; Tim Taylor 507b (CB). The class sang 369 in preparation for lunch. Elder Micky Smith offered the blessing before the noon meal.


Joey Brackner called the class back to order leading 176t (CB). Leaders: Jim Carnes 440; Janet King 82 (CB); Ryan Bowman 28t (CB); Nate Green 465 (CB); Sue Bunch 38b (CB); Morgan Bunch 594 (CB); Marion Patrick 424 (CB); James Gardner 30t (CB); Chip Westbrook 59 (CB); Wendy Futral and Robby Anderson 500 (CB); Wayne Jones 54t (CB); Linda Westbrook 584 (CB); Danny Creel 404 (CB); Hubert Nall 168; Ermon Richmond 406 (CB); Ken Tate 183; Nicole Bowman 203 (CB); Wynette Smith 49b (CB); Richard Mauldin 100; Adam Brasich 112 (CB); Karen Clark 478 (CB); Bea Aaron 568; Deborah Boykin 319 (CB); Ken Sundberg 137 (CB); Jim Aaron 68b; Ann Gray 318; Tommy Spurlock 183 (CB).

Announcements were made. The officers led 68b (CB) as the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer.

Chairman—Bill Hogan; Vice Chairman—Joey Brackner; Secretary—Nancy Hogan