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Diane Mennella Memorial Singing

Plymouth Church, Brooklyn, New York

Saturday, November 2, 2013

A special singing was held in memory of Diane Mennella at Plymouth Church in Brooklyn Heights. The class was brought to order by Aldo Ceresa leading 77b. Jason Steidl offered the opening prayer. Aldo welcomed the class and invited singers to share stories and thoughts about Diane as part of their lessons, which many singers did throughout the day.

Leaders: Sam Kleinman 42t; Gwen Gethner 72b; Nancy Britton 30t; Nancy Mandel 277; Terry Ryan 344; Ann Henry 87; Ezra Halleck 296; Charlotte Ehrman 318; Jon Giles 546; Cory Noel 97; Naomi Kaye 371; Charles Biada 399t; Patrick Paglen 472; Carol Huang 27; Jason Steidl 99.


Susan Bingham called the class back to order leading 34b. Leaders: Lindsay Kruse 421; Michael Kaye 68b; Jean Seiler 448t; Merv Horst 236; Laura Densmore 436; Leon Pulsinelle 499; Inga Knets 532; Sam Kleinman 81t.

Diane’s family spoke about Diane and thanked the singers, then led 564 with Aldo Ceresa and Nancy Mandel. Leaders: Dennis Leipold 56b (for Dan Adams); Sue Hanson 452. Gary Ryan offered a prayer before the afternoon meal.


Barbara Swetman called the class back to order leading 148. Leaders: Elizabeth Stoddard 370; Gary Ryan 39b; Liz Cantrell 192; Doug Fower 227 (for Al McCready); Ina Shea 153; Richard Schmeidler 146; Dean Jens 384; Kathy Manning 330b; Dan Hunter 378t; Susan Bingham 542. Aldo shared a message from Diane’s sister, Carol Keith (of Tennessee), with the class. Leaders: Bill Holt 128 (for Diane’s sister, Carol); Mary Ellen Schrock 163b; Guy Bankes 486; Sarah Jane Leitao and Jon Giles 454; Roland Hutchinson 260; Becky Wright 312b; Pat Callahan 482.


Elizabeth Stoddard called the back class to order leading 349. Leaders: Paula Picton 475; Alice Maggio 274t; Jesse Krikorian 417; Kshama Ananthapura 217; Doron Henkin 208; Vera Kahn and Rachel Speer 457; Rachel Speer 187; Nathan Berry 312b; Elsa Phemayotin 29b; Joan Frankel and Bill Holt 284; Sasha Hsuczyk 29b; Barbara Swetman 155; “The Twenty Year Club” (Diane’s longest-acquainted singing friends) Barbara Swetman, Roland Hutchinson, Jean Seiler, Paula Picton, Bill Holt, Richard Schmeidler, Robin Mountbatten, and Laura Densmore 216; Family lesson (Sister Judith, daughter Jennifer, daughter Heather, sister Carol via phone, granddaughter Dahlia, sons-in-law Raul and Glen, and Aldo Ceresa 218.

Aldo Ceresa led 62 as the closing song. Gary Ryan dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Aldo Ceresa; Secretaries—Gwen Gethner and Carol Huang