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Rivanna River All-Day Singing

Charlottesville Friends Meetinghouse, Charlottesville, Virginia

Saturday, September 7, 2013

The 11th annual Rivanna River Singing was called to order at the Charlottesville Friends Meetinghouse at 10:04 a.m. by Zachary Bullock leading 34b. Kelly Macklin offered the morning prayer.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Bev Yeager; Vice Chairman—Bob Flannery; Secretary—Barbarie Hill; Treasurer—Judy Cahill; Arranging Committee—Zach Bullock, Diane Ober, and John Alexander.

The first two sessions were song selections from the Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition. The last two sessions were a mix of selections from The Sacred Harp and the Shenandoah Harmony (ShH).

Leaders: Bev Yeager 77b; Judy Cahill 87; Pat Temple 59; Les Updike 86; Miranda Rader 31t; John Alexander 179; Zach Bullock 101t; Mary Wright 35; Bridget Camden 110; John Feddersen 182; Susan Green 415; Brenda Dunlap 503; Kelly Macklin 75; Richard Green 350; Gillie Campbell 410t; Matt Roberts 39t; Erin Gum 332; Harry “Scotty” Scott 46; Liz Meitzler 81t; Mary Helen Dupree 441; Rick Motylinski 99; Leyland delRe 134; Lamar Matthew 157.


The class was called back to order by Jim Strube leading 354t. Leaders: John delRe 101b; Kathy Manning 349; Pat Temple 33t; Miranda Rader 269; Liz Meitzler 312b; Richard Green 163t; Bridget Camden 440; Susan Green 272; Lamar Matthew 522; Kelly Macklin 206; John Feddersen 163b; Gillie Campbell 45t; Mary Helen Dupree 26; Lucas Husted 276; Leyland delRe 187; Rick Motylinsky 40; Harry Scott 313b; Brenda Dunlap 347.

The memorial lesson was conducted by John Alexander leading 566 and 549. The deceased remembered were Jeff Sheppard and Bud Oliver—Alabama; Evelyn Steinruck—Pennsylvania; Shaun Steyaert—Virginia.

The class continued singing with Matt Roberts leading 146. Leaders: Bridget Camden 148; Mary Wright 112; Les Updike 515; Lamar Matthew 344; Liz Meitzler 215; Lucas Husted 472; Miranda Rader 348t. A prayer was offered by Kelly Macklin.


The class was called back together by John Alexander and Diane Ober leading 438t (ShH). Leaders: John delRe 8 (ShH); Kathy Manning 254 (ShH); Ben Griffin 178; Kelly Macklin (ShH); Jim Strube 431 (ShH); Chris Lasagna and Erin Gum 287 (ShH); Susan Green 307 (ShH); Rick Motylinsky 183 (ShH); Leyland delRe 191 (ShH); Harry Scott 352 (ShH); Richard Green 413 (ShH); Bridget Camden 316b (ShH); John Feddersen 86 (ShH); Mary Helen Dupree 310 (ShH); Lucas Husted 68b; Gillie Campbell 296 (ShH); Brenda Dunlap 264b (ShH); Matt Roberts 422 (ShH); Pat Temple 146 (ShH); John Alexander 326b (ShH).


The class was called back to order by Diane Ober leading 241t (ShH). Leaders: Zach Bullock 260b (ShH); Kathy Manning 180 (ShH); Lamar Matthew 111 (ShH); Liz Meitzler 338 (ShH); Mary Wright 226 (ShH); Miranda Rader 156 (ShH); Jim Strube 214 (ShH); John delRe 93 (ShH); Renel Kennell 79 (ShH); John Feddersen 254; Emily Owens 162; Kate Conn 282; Kathy Manning 303; Lucas Husted 236.

Pat Temple read a resolutions statement, thanking everyone who helped make the singing a success.

Bev Yeager led 157 (ShH) as the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Kelly Macklin, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Bev Yeager; Vice Chairman—Bob Flannery; Secretary—Barbarie Hill