Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Michiana Singing

Southwest Bible Church, Goshen, Indiana

Saturday, July 20, 2013

The 26th annual Michiana Singing was called to order by Matthew Lind leading 49t. David Stump, pastor of the church, offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: James Nelson Gingerich and Barb Gingerich 171; Samuel Sommers 492; Holly Hauck 101t; Jim Patterson, Sheila Patterson, and Grace Patterson 278t; Steve Rogers 368; Suzanne Flandreau 203; Philipp Gollner 276; Peggy Brayfield 195; Cecelia Kramer 108b; Lori Graber 500; Daniel Gray 480; Jeff Begley 284; Explorer Group One, consisting of Josh Leatherman, Nate Gingerich, Jenae Longenecker, Maddie Gerig, Emily Vogt, Ryan Miller, Sara Erb, Andy Brubaker Kaethler, and Rachel Miller Jacobs 45t.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Matthew Lind; Treasurer—James Nelson Gingerich; Arranging Officer—Will Fitzgerald; Secretary—Samuel Sommers.


James Page called the class back to order by leading 34b. Leaders: Darrell Swarens 208; Hanna Barlow and Elizabeth Barlow 344; Gerry Hoffman 383; Michael Weibe 333; Lisa Grayson 192; Clarissa Fetrow 564; Brian Whirlege 47b; Marian Mitchell 313b; Peter Trumbore 277; Michael Miller 551; Lela Crowder 534; Bob Borcherding 148; Melanie Hauff 215; Doug Stapleton 440; Explorer Group Two, consisting of Katie Shank, Eric Vandrick, Sae Jin Lee, Lynea Brubacher Kaethler, Isaiah Friesen, Josh Janzen, Bethannie Parkes, Naomi Epp, and Rachel Miller Jacobs 72b.


James Nelson Gingerich called the class to order leading 29t. Leaders: Lincoln Richardson 163t; Ginny Landgraf 163b; Katie White 547; Kate Lind and Will Fitzgerald 38b; Len VanderJagt 549; Bill Beverly 546; Rachel Miller Jacobs 56b.

Michael Miller and Syble Adams conducted the memorial lesson. Syble Adams read the following names of the sick and shut-ins: Jeff Sheppard, Shelbie Sheppard, Carroll Lunsford, Bonnie Keyes, Marlen Rust, David Rust, Arthur Hall, Dorothy Hall, Breanne Lingo, Loraine Bayer, Gloria Hilty, Patricia Howard, Bess Fitzgerald, Nate Reynolds, Cath Tyler, Jo Pfender, and Bob Scorgie. Syble led 515 in their honor.

Michael Miller read the following list of names of the deceased: Myrtle Ann Beasley, Bufrey Dean, Bud Oliver, Lessie Reed, and Willard Wright—Alabama; Don Buswell and Jack Hunter—Arkansas; Eva Padgett—Florida; Violet Thomason and Nancy Yeager—Georgia; Richie Brayfield, Patrick Maslanka, and Lee Steinmetz—Illinois; Kelly Day and Marjorie Sommers—Indiana; Mary Hauck and Primo China—Maryland; Bert Polman—Michigan; Jim Hearne—Missouri; Virginia Carter—Mississippi; Charles Bergengren, Amy Phillips, and Andrea Nagy Smith—Ohio; Gordon Ficko—Ontario; Michael Hout—Pennsylvania; Cheryl Stroud—Quebec; Dennis Norlin—South Dakota; Clayton Ezell—Tennessee; Elaine Truitt—Texas; Kay Kreider—Washington; Bob Anderson and Fred Druse—Wisconsin. Michael led 122 in their memory, and closed the memorial lesson with prayer.


Will Fitzgerald called the class to order leading 106. Leaders: Warren Steel 442; Mike Hinton 532; Gillian Inksetter 361; Malachi Lind 447; Martha Beverly 466; Dean Knuth 291; Syble Adams 421; James Page 188; Reba Windom and Shelbie Castillo 216; Linda Selph 475; Judy Hauff and Sasha Maslanka 155; Nathan Zweig 459; Anne Heider 474; Brian How 183; Pleasance Crawford and Chuck Crawford 312b; Rochelle Lodder 313t; Beth Todd 501; Nicoletta Rogers 556; Jeff Breting 448b; Ann Sleeva 362.


Matthew Lind and Jeanette led 39t to bring the class to order. Leaders: John Seton and Janelle Davis 47t; Jan May 454; Steve Warner 84; David Alexander 110; Paul Van Koughnett 35; Wayne Dell 569b; Beth Garfinkel 146; David Barford 113; Fred Hoerr and Marty Hoerr 503; John Bahler 76b; Linda Bell 268; Sasha Maslanka 38t; Annie Grieshop 168; Catherine Bearov and Syble Adams 270.

After announcements, Matthew Lind led 62 as the closing song. Samuel Sommers offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Matthew Lind; Secretary—Samuel Sommers