Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Cane Creek Primitive Baptist Church

Cleburne County, near Heflin, Alabama

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The annual Decoration Day Sacred Harp singing at Cane Creek Primitive Baptist Church was held on the third Sunday in May. B.M. Smith called the class to order leading 59. The opening prayer was offered by Cecil Roberts. B.M. Smith welcomed everyone, and then led 101t.

Leaders: Glenda Collins and Bert Collins 100, 76b; Donna Bell 97; Margie Smith 512 (for Vedie Touchstone), 317; Margaret Thacker 39b, 480; Syd Caldwell 316 (in memory of Lola Jenkins); 171 (in memory of his granddaddy, J.L. Edge); Kathy Williams 155, 343; Ed Thacker 229, 112; Charlene Wallace 79, 81t; Eschol Hughes 138b, 348b.


B.M. Smith brought the class back to order leading 123t. A business session was held with the following officers retained: Chairman—B.M. Smith; Vice Chairman—Glenda Collins; Secretary—Donna Bell; Arranging Officer—Margie Smith; Memorial Lesson—Cecil Roberts.

Leaders: Earlis McGraw 225t; Miranel Swafford 313t, 32t; Bert Collins and Glenda Collins 340, 282; Evelyn Harris and Nellie Mae White 47t; Evelyn Harris 335; Cecil Roberts 40, 35; Sylvia Holland 47b, 45t; Neal Prichard 566, 204.


The class resumed singing with Ed Thacker and Glenda Collins leading 30t and 358 (by request). Syd Caldwell led 217 (in memory of Carl Hughes).

The memorial lesson was conducted by Cecil Roberts. Cecil mentioned an excerpt from 1 Thessalonians 4:15-16 before reading the names of the deceased. B.M. Smith led 111b in memory of Bud Oliver, Behula Harris, Bonnie Anderson, Donald Edwards, Leon Owen, Sarah Kerr, Willard Wright, and Clara Lee Pesnal.

Donna Bell led 139 in honor of the following sick and shut-ins: Carlene Griffin, S.T. Reed, Lessie Reed, Teenie Moody, Mary Ann Simpson, Betty Wright, Lucy Garner, George Garner, Harvey Sanders, Celia Sanders, Don Buswell, Anita Buswell, Sammie Oliver, Andy Worthington, Eugene Forbes, Bernice Harper, Cliff Staggs, Gary Studdard, Shelbie Sheppard, Jeff Sheppard, Lois Norton, and Lois Bowman. Elder Neal Prichard closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Charles Norton gave a brief report on the cemetery fund, and thanked the volunteers for their help in maintaining the cemetery. The blessing for the noon meal was offered by Eschol Hughes at the table.


The afternoon session of singing began with B.M. Smith leading 66. Leaders: Cecil Roberts 73b, 72b; Virginia Dyer 63, 99; Louise Holland 37b, 323b; Ruth Daniel 452, 378t; Syd Caldwell 192 (for Janice Caldwell, Beau Caldwell, Jeff and Shelbie Sheppard), 224 (in memory of Rosa Hughes); Lewis Norton 340; Paula Rooks and Hester Edwards 335; Syd Caldwell, Paula Rooks, and Cindy Owen 358 (by request).

Following announcements, B.M. Smith and Glenda Collins led 46 as the closing song. Eschol Hughes offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—B.M. Smith; Vice Chairman—Glenda Collins; Secretary—Donna Bell