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Uncle Jack Kerr and Henry Kerr Memorial

Camp Ground Methodist Church, Cleburne County, Alabama

Sunday, January 13, 2013

The annual Sacred Harp singing in memory of Uncle Jack Kerr and Henry Kerr at Camp Ground Methodist Church, north of Fruithurst, Alabama, was held on the second Sunday in January. The class was called to order by Henry Johnson leading 59. Cecil Roberts offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Henry Johnson 388; Ed Thacker 176t, 516 (for Richard DeLong); Donna Bell 97 (in memory of Lonnie Rogers), 68b; Judy Chambless 34b, 37b; David Brodeur 456, 228; Charlene Wallace 99, 155 (for Carlene Griffin); B.M. Smith 350, 340; Margaret Thacker 135, 406; Robert Chambless 282, 77t; Terry Wootten 138t, 56t; Rene Greene 500, 171; Tony Hammock 138b, 434.


Ed Thacker brought the class back to order leading 112. A business session was held with the following officers retained: Chairman—Henry Johnson; Vice Chairman—Ed Thacker; Secretary—Donna Bell; Arranging Officer—Judy Chambless.

The Kerr family conducted the memorial lesson. Mrs. Lois Bowman (Jack Kerr’s daughter, 94 years old) introduced herself and Mrs. Inez Snow (another of Jack Kerr’s daughters, 96 years old). They welcomed everyone, expressing gratitude and thanks to all who came to make this a special day. Other members of the Kerr family introduced themselves to the class, explaining their relationship to Uncle Jack Kerr and Uncle Henry Kerr. Those in attendance included Hester Edwards (daughter of Doc and Kara Kerr, 94 years old), Sarah Roberts and Emil Bowman (grandchildren of Jack Kerr), Winfred Kerr (son of Henry Kerr), Pauline Deese and Olivia Iverson (nieces of Henry Kerr). The Kerr family led 45t and 282 in memory of Uncle Jack Kerr and Uncle Henry Kerr.

Leaders: John Plunkett 177, 318 (for Dana Borrelli); Jamey Wootten 42, 73t; Karen Rollins 317, 389 (in memory of her daddy, Lonnie Rogers); Jeff Sheppard 373, 273; Oscar McGuire 485, 163b; Winfred Kerr 294, 89; Jack Nelson 438, 560; Jared Wootten 314, 35; Cecil Roberts 48t (in memory of James Kerr), 35; Virginia Dyer and Cain Cook 40, 454. Chris Boggs blessed the noon meal.


The class resumed singing with Henry Johnson leading 289. Leaders: Margie Smith 512; Joanne Ward 47b; Fallon Cook, Chance Cook, and Cain Cook 192, 146; Ann Simpson 452, 445; Jared Wootten 36b; Tony Hammock 83b; Jamey Wootten 39t; David Brodeur 344; Terry Wootten and Chris Boggs 345b; Karen Rollins 345t; John Plunkett 76t; Virginia Dyer 455 (for Mrs. Lois Bowman and in memory of Jack Kerr); Oscar McGuire 336; Jack Nelson 480; Cecil Roberts 76b; Robert Chambless 84; B.M. Smith 101t; Charlene Wallace 349; Donna Bell 203.

Following announcements, Henry Johnson and Ed Thacker led 69t as the closing song. Ed Thacker offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Henry Johnson; Vice Chairman—Ed Thacker; Secretary—Donna Bell