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Northwest Arkansas Shiloh Singing, Fall Session

Mt. Comfort Presbyterian Church, Fayetteville, Arkansas

Saturday, October 27, 2012

The Northwest Arkansas Shiloh Singing, Fall Session, was called to order by Dan Brittain. Syd Caldwell led 39t. Mary Ellen Wilkinson offered prayer.

Leaders: Syd Caldwell 30t; Dan Brittain 458, 329; Katy Black 177 (MH), 113 (MH); Rev. Randi Henderson 63, 45t; Kyle Hearn 39t, 268; Eddie Huckaby 178, 49b; Waymon Minor 38t, 263; Andrew Albers 406, 179; Alexis Walker 496, 335.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Syd Caldwell; Vice Chairman—Bill Caldwell; Secretary—Katy Black; Memorial Committee—Dan Brittain and Andrew Albers.


Syd Caldwell called the class back to order leading 203 and 29t. Leaders: Bill Caldwell 62 (MH), 135 (MH); Dan Brittain 174 (MH), 158 (MH); Andrew Albers 98 (MH), 178 (MH); Kyle Hearn 49t, 312b; Eddie Huckaby 312t, 186. Rev. Randi Henderson said grace before the noon meal.

B.R. Black spoke about the contributions Rev. Randi Henderson has made to our group, and presented her with a cake to wish her well in her new ministry in Iowa.


Syd Caldwell led 143 and 282 to bring the class back into session. Leaders: Dan Brittain 11 (MH), 160 (t? b?); Waymon Minor 159, 51 (MH); Katy Black 480, 472.

Dan Brittain spoke and then led 285t in memory of the following deceased: Charlie Creel, Harrison Creel—Alabama; John Grant—Arkansas; Ann Wall Rodrigues—California; Nick Griffin, Lonnie Rodgers—Georgia; John Merritt—Mississippi.

Andrew Albers read the following list of sick and shut-ins: Velton Chafin, Bud Oliver, Sammie Oliver, Jewell Wootten—Alabama; Don Buswell and Anita Buswell—Arkansas; Mike Van Laar—California; Gertrude Delong, Carlene Griffin, Danny Griffin, Andy Worthington—Georgia; Gary Gronau and Jim Hearne—Missouri; Cath Tyler—U.K.; and the people who will be affected by Hurricane Sandy. While in England recently, Dan Brittain learned of their custom of offering thanksgiving for recent blessings as follows: the Joplin residents thank everyone for help and prayer for recovery from the May 22, 2011 tornados; praise for a great trip to Georgia, to sing at Hopewell and Liberty, and for family arriving today. We sang 343b to encourage the sick and shut-ins.

Leaders: Dan Brittain 217; Eddie Huckaby 448b, 163b.

Syd Caldwell thanked everyone for their donations toward today’s expenses, and we completed a discussion by agreeing to change our regular monthly singing to the 2nd Sunday of the month, effective in November.

Leaders: Syd Caldwell 436; Rev. Randi Henderson 138 (MH); Bill Caldwell 503; Alexis Walker 99, 294; Waymon Minor 269; Kyle Hearn 299, 448t.

Announcements were made. Syd Caldwell led 347 as the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer offered by Rev. Randi Henderson.

Chairman—Syd Caldwell; Vice Chairman—Bill Caldwell; Secretary—Katy Black