Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Aldridge Memorial

Johnson Schoolhouse, Fayette County, Alabama

Sunday, June 12, 2011

The annual Aldridge Memorial Sacred Harp Singing was held on the second Sunday in June at Johnson Schoolhouse, Fayette County, Alabama. Joan Aldridge led 36b to call the class to order. The morning prayer was offered by Danny Creel.

Leaders: Joan Aldridge 441 (in memory of Robert Aldridge); Elene Stovall 142; Carolyn Thompson 481; Amber Davis 291; Nicoletta Rogers 350; Annaliza Cull 155; Lori Graber 318; Philippa Stoddard 228; James Eldridge 278t; Leon Pulsinelle 141; Rebecca Eldridge 349; Wayne Dell 277; Kelly Kennedy 532; Chris Brown 56b; Judy Whiting 549; Steve Rogers 40; Elizabeth Stoddard 283; Dan Brittain 377; Lois Badey 335; Katherine Eldridge 146; Robert Stoddard 550; Roberta Strauss 542.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Joan Aldridge; Vice Chairman—Elene Stovall; Arranging Committee—Amber Davis; Secretary—Carolyn Thompson.


Elene Stovall brought the class back together leading 99 (in honor of Don Bowen); Toney Smith 444; Ann Drexler 87; Adrian Eldridge 213t; Gillian Inksetter 344; Wade Kotter 139; Virginia Eldridge 224; Don Keeton 76b; Michele Cull 312b (in honor of William Marshall, Alice Marshall, Charles Fisher, and Florence Marshall Fisher); Charlie Soape 127; Beth Ballinger 442; Sam Sommers 431; Paula Picton 436; Harrison Creel 498; Penny Kujawinski 383; Glenn Keeton, Elizabeth Keeton, Matthew Keeton, and Isabella Keeton 497; Darrell Swarens 176t (in honor of the Aldridge brothers); Paula Oliver 182; Lou Kujawinski 216; Bea Carnathan 372; Al McCready and Aine Ui Cheallaigh 84; Lucy Heidorn 186; Richard Schmeidler 474.


Elene Stovall read a poem from her grandmother’s Lloyd’s hymnal, and then led 316 with Joan Aldridge (in memory of their family). Leaders: Frank DeBolt 503; Eddie Mash 111b; Scott Oliver 143; Sarah Beasley 129; Gravis Ballinger 300; Seth Holloway 388.


The afternoon session was called to order by Amber Davis leading 192. Leaders: Steve Adams and Carolyn Thompson 378t; Lisa Geist 304; Danny Creel 269; Seth Poston 358; Chuck Howell 86; Idy Kiser 47t (in memory of Nick Deane); Larry Ballinger 410t; Gary Smith 569b; Ottis Sides and Linda Sides 475; Travis Keeton 418; Bridgett Kennedy 564; Henry Guthery 456; Allison Davis 373; Earl Ballinger 177; Terri Barber 411; Velton Chafin 573; Annaliza Cull 448t; Rebecca Eldridge 507; Philippa Stoddard 196; James Eldridge 314 (in memory of Bob Meek); Katherine Eldridge 448b; Seth Poston 275b.

Joan Aldridge thanked everyone for coming today. Much appreciation is given for all present, and to those who put forth so much effort in providing a place for us to gather to sing and enjoy such warm and loving fellowship. It is not the effort of one, but many, that bring such an event together for the benefit of all. She led 546.

Announcements were made. Joan Aldridge and Elene Stovall led 46 as the closing song. Adrian Eldridge offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Joan Aldridge; Vice Chairman—Elene Stovall; Secretary—Carolyn Thompson