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Sherry Guthery and
Parker Family Memorial Singing

Fellowship Church, Cullman County, Alabama

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The annual Sherry Guthery and Parker Family Memorial Singing met at Fellowship Church in Cullman County, Alabama, on the first Sunday in June. The class was called to order by Marlin Beasley leading 166 and 32t. Richard Mauldin offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Ken Tate 73b, 147b; Seth Poston 275b, 358; Joshua Marquez and Marlin Beasley 63; Jonathan Marquez and Marlin Beasley 354b; Julianna Jett 99, 108b; Yancey Jett 82t, 101t; Travis Keeton 235, 454.


Marlin Beasley and Jonathan Marquez called the class back to order by leading 58. A business session was held to elect and appoint the following officers: Chairman—Ken Tate; Vice Chairman—Danny Creel; Secretary—Emily Burleson; Arranging Committee—Margaret Keeton. Leaders: Danny Creel 448t, 271t; Richard Mauldin 35, 72b; Earl Ballinger 97, 203; Ernestine Parker 81t, 569b; J.C. Rutledge 560, 568; Gravis Ballinger 155, 215; Jennifer Lee 564; Juanita Beasley 61.


Henry Guthery led 269 to call the class back together. Leaders: Geraldine Sharpton 318, 300; Emily Burleson 428, 361 (for Josie Hyde); Susan Allred 182, 183; Larry Ballinger 121, 472; Ken Tate 200 (at the request of Josie Hyde); Henry Guthery 301 (at the request of Josie Hyde); Bea Carnathan 205, 438; Harrison Creel 312b, 36b.


Danny Creel led 76b and 224 to bring the class back to order. Leaders: Faye Donaldson 176b, 299; Steve Adams and Emily Burleson 378t, 331; Velton Chafin 177, 222; Harrison Creel 342; Julianna Jett 410t; Seth Poston 124; Geraldine Sharpton 542; Bea Carnathan 80b; Marlin Beasley and Jonathan Marquez 75; Travis Keeton 475; Josie Hyde 507; Larry Ballinger 398; Henry Guthery, Scott Guthery, and Sam Guthery 153; Henry Guthery and Scott Guthery 340; Yancey Jett 172; Gravis Ballinger 78; Emily Burleson 455; John Merritt and Richard Mauldin 146, 358; Buell Cobb 136, 109; Earl Ballinger 139; Steve Adams and Henry Guthery 401; Richard Mauldin 43 (for Josie Hyde); Ken Tate 294 (by request).

Announcements were made. Ken Tate led 347 (in memory of Billy Williams). Henry Guthery offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Ken Tate; Vice Chairman—Danny Creel; Secretary—Emily Burleson