Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Geneva All-Day Singing

Unitarian Universalist Society of Geneva, Geneva, Illinois

Saturday, August 7, 2010

The Geneva All-Day Singing was held at the Unitarian Universalist Society, Geneva, Illinois, on Saturday before the second Sunday in August. Ryan Wheeler brought the class to order leading 59. Lori Graber offered the morning prayer.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Ryan Wheeler; Secretary—Jill Muirhead.

Leaders: James Page 216; Lori Graber 29t; Michael Mosley 107; Ginny Landgraf 383; Rachel Adelstein 352 (in honor of the wedding of Rachel Spears and Dean Jens); Carol Munro Mosley 455; Samuel Sommers 569t (in memory of Billy Williams); Rochelle Lodder 171; Johanna Fabke 150; Jason Steidl 49b; Jim Helke 70t; Lou Kujawinski 489; GeorgeAnn Evans 86; Peggy Mistak 496; John Seaton 276; Darrell Swarens 72b; Cathryn Bearov 114; Ted Mercer 411; Grace Scrimgeour 33b; Susan Matthews 479.


Ryan Wheeler called the class to order leading 30b. Leaders: Don Bardsley 133; Penny Kujawinski 372; Annie Grieshop 186; Callie Garnett 547; Bryan Davis 56b; Alyce Barry 63; Connie Karduck 460; James Page “Wabash”; Lori Graber 426t; Michael Mosley 373; Ginny Landgraf 385t; Rachel Adelstein 300; Carol Munro Mosley 464; Samuel Sommers 380; Rochelle Lodder 344; Johanna Fabke 34t (for all who’ve suffered). Paul Hough blessed the noon meal with prayer.


Ryan Wheeler called the class to order leading 148. Leaders: Steve Warner 122 (in memory of Jerry Enright, George Seiler, John Heider, and Kid Stearns); Anne Heider 99; Zachary Marcus 320; Jason Steidl 113; Jim Helke 512; Lou Kujawinski 477; Peggy Mistak 105; John Seaton 47t; Darrell Swarens 507; Cathryn Bearov 475 (in honor of her mother); Ted Mercer 77t (in memory of Jerry Enright); Grace Scrimgeour 47b; Susan Matthews 38b; Don Bardsley 324; Penny Kujawinski 440.


Callie Garnett called the class to order leading 335. Leaders: Bryan Davis 117; Annie Grieshop 146 (in memory of all our dear departed); James Page 538; Samuel Sommers 176t; Johanna Fabke 84; Steve Warner 454; Anne Heider 532; Zachery Marcus 217; Jason Steidl 68b; Lou Kujawinski 473; Darrell Swarens 215; Lori Graber 430; Grace Scrimgeour 209; Michael Moseley 549; Ginny Landgraf 505; Rachel Adelstein 228; Carol Munro Mosley 269; Rochelle Lodder 31t; Jim Helke 196; Cathryn Bearov 368.

Announcements were made. Ryan Wheeler led 323t as the closing

song. The class was dismissed with prayer offered by Paul Hough.

Chairman—Ryan Wheeler; Secretary—Jill Muirhead