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Mountain View Shape Note Gathering

Ozark Folk Center, Mountain View, Arkansas

July 7-9, 2010

The 7th annual Shape Note Gathering began on Thursday evening with leaders from the following books: The Sacred Harp, 1991 Revision; The B.F White Sacred Harp, Cooper Revision (CB); Alabama-Christian Harmony (CHa); North Carolina-Christian Harmony (CH); Black-Mississippi Shape Note (B-M); Cayce—The Good Old Songs (GOS); and Missouri Harmony (MH).

Thursday, July 7

Gaylon Powell called the class together leading 507b (CB). Dan Brittain offered the opening prayer. Charley Sandage appointed Gaylon Powell to moderate the Shape Note Gathering. Tammy Powell was appointed as Secretary.

Leaders: Gaylon Powell 559 (CB); Dan Brittain 39 (MH), 113 (MH); Holly Gale 100 (GOS), 235 (GOS); Charlie Sandage 352 (GOS), 541 (GOS); Connie Stanton 37b, 87; Janie Short 565, 511 (CB); Matt Shoemaker 155, 153 (MH); Kristi Harju 203 (CB), 277; Anita Shepherd 47b, 47t; Tammy Powell 138t (CB), 524 (GOS); Gaylon Powell 82b (CHa); Dan Brittain 289b (CH); Holly Gale “Just Over in the Glory Land” (B-M); Charlie Sandage 612 (GOS); Connie Stanton 131 (CHa); Janie Short 276 (CB); Matt Shoemaker 218b (CHa); Kristi Harju 411 (CB); Anita Shepherd 171 (CB); Tammy Powell 543 (CB). Gaylon Powell led 208b (Cha) as the closing song. Charlie Sandage offered the closing prayer.

Friday, July 8

Gaylon Powell called the class together leading 31b. Charlie Sandage welcomed everyone, and offered the opening prayer. Morning—Featured Leaders: Dan Brittain, Laura Boosinger, and Charlie Sandage. Dan talked about the history of the Missouri Harmony. He led 13 (MH), 172 (MH), 16 (MH), 6 (MH), 60 (MH), 55 (MH), 50 (MH), 48 (MH), 37 (MH), and 34 (MH). Laura Boosinger talked about the traditions of the North Carolina Christian Harmony. She led 58b (CH), 88 (CH), 208b (CH), 217 (CH), 106 (CH). Dan Brittain led 289b (CH). Charley Sandage talked about the traditions of the Cayce book aka “The Good Old Songs”. He led 555 (GOS), 352 (GOS), 463 (GOS), 20 (GOS), and 100 (GOS).


Afternoon—Featured Leaders: Cassie Allen, Gaylon Powell. The history and traditions of the Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition, was discussed by various leaders. Leaders: Gaylon Powell 37b, 569b; Dan Brittain 63, 85; Cassie Allen 155; Laura Boosinger 49b; Gaylon Powell 412; Dan Brittain 220. Cassie Allen went over the traditions and the 7 shapes used in Alabama Christian Harmony. She led 43 (CHa), 149 (CHa), 322 (CHa), 261 (CHa), 109 (CHa) and 255 (CHa).


The following songs were led from the Black Mississippi Shape Note: Holly Gale “To Canaan’s Land I’m On My Way” (B-M) and Gaylon Powell “John Knew” (B-M). Gaylon went over the traditions of the Cooper book. He led 276 (CB), 138t (CB), 239 (CB), 507b (CB), 543 (CB), 95b (CB), 559 (CB), 519b (CB), 488b (CB) and 393t (CB). Gaylon Powell closed the session by leading 558 (CB). Lonnie Holland offered the closing prayer.

Saturday, July 9

Gaylon Powell called the class together leading 59. Andrew Albers offered the opening prayer. Leaders: Gaylon Powell 64 (CHa); Dan Brittain 416t (CB), 160 (MH); Laura Boosinger 258 (CH), 106 (CH); Cassie Allen 63t (CHa), 60 (CHa); Holly Gale 155, 85; Charlie Sandage 156 (GOS), 155 (GOS); Tammy Powell 98 (CB), 505 (CB); Kristi Harju 46, 47t.


Gaylon Powell called the class back together by leading 358. Leaders: Andrew Albers 85b (CHa), 336b (CB); Janie Short 59t (CHa), 189 (CHa); Connie Stanton 171 (CB), 87; Matt Shoemaker 559 (CB), 218b (CHa); Hannah Albers 105b (CHa), 235 (CHa); Anita Shaperd 177 (MH), 13 (MH); Lonnie Holland 569b; 158 (GOS); Eddie Huckaby 339 (GOS), 47b.


Gaylon called the class back to order by leading 500 (CB). Leaders: Gaylon Powell 59b (CHa); Dan Brittain 27 (MH), 152 (MH); Ann Grigsby 63, 45t; Cassie Allen 180 (CHa), 238 (CHa); Laura Boosinger 159t (CH), 335 (CH); Charlie Sandage 218t (CHa), 352; Holly Gale 277 (GOS), “Victory in Jesus” (B-M); Tammy Powell 341 (CH), 219 (CH); Kristi Harju 37b, 569b.


Andrew Albers called the class back together by leading 354t (CHa) and 147 (MH). Leaders: Janie Short “Just Over in the Glory Land” (B-M); Connie Stanton “To Canaan’s Land I’m On My Way” (B-M); Matt Shoemaker 612 (GOS); Hannah Albers 476 (GOS); Anita Shepherd 73b; Eddie Huckaby 359 (CH); Ann Grigsby 117 (CHa); Dan Brittain 289b (CH).

Announcements were made. Gaylon Powell, Holly Gale, Laura Boosinger, Dan Brittain, and Charlie Sandage led 417 (GOS) as the closing song. Andy Grigsby offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Moderator—Gaylon Powell; Secretary—Tammy Powell