Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Parker, Hollis, and Putnam Memorial

Liberty Church (McCormick), Jefferson County, Alabama

Sunday, January 31, 2010

The annual Parker, Hollis, and Putnam Memorial Sacred Harp singing was held at Liberty Church, Jefferson County, Alabama, on the first fifth Sunday. The class was called to order by Velton Chafin leading 60. The morning prayer was offered by Richard Mauldin. Velton Chafin welcomed everyone, and then led 56t.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Velton Chafin; Vice Chairman—Harrison Creel; Secretary—Margaret Keeton; Arranging Committee—Willodean Barton.

Leaders: Eugene Forbes 441, 299; Anne Chalker 146, 147t; Yancey Jett 89, 108b; Margaret Keeton 137, 155; Bridgett Hill 168, 318; Earl Ballinger 203, 283; Travis Keeton 37b, 73t; Cecil Sanders 380; Elsie Moon 33b, 45t; Ann Jett 136, 448b; Tim Cook 448t, 487; Karin Covi and Max Berueffy 164, 542; Velton Chafin 68b (for Johnnie Chafin).


The class resumed singing with Velton Chafin leading 75. Leaders: Amber Davis 187, 391; Scott Kennedy 347, 287; Harrison Creel 342, 111b; Gravis Ballinger 215, 182; Bea Carnathan 295, 568 (in memory of Willie Mae Moon); Glenn Keeton, Elizabeth Keeton, Isabella Keeton, and Matthew Keeton 504, 163b; Richard Mauldin 72b, 35; Ken Tate 324, 330t; Marlin Beasley 460, 277 (for Ann Ballard); Larry Ballinger 527, 528; Danny Creel 472, 88t.


The afternoon session was called to order by Velton Chafin leading 71 and 494. Leaders: Henry Guthery 58 (in memory of Sherry Guthery), 549; Willodean Barton 418, 454; Danny Creel 312b; Earl Ballinger 313t; Anne Chalker 235; Amber Davis 123t; Ann Jett 143 (in memory of Charlotte McCarn and for Garland McCarn); Elsie Moon 167; Bridgett Hill 110; Ozella Blackmon 80b; Scott Kennedy 86; Richard Mauldin 378t; Harrison Creel and Yancey Jett 512, 340; Tim Cook 327; Marlin Beasley 348b (for Clarence McCool and in memory of Willie Mae Moon); Nora Parker 317; Travis Keeton 349 (for Clarence McCool); Larry Ballinger 376; Ken Tate 220; Henry Guthery 534; Bea Carnathan 145t (for Bud Oliver); Yancey Jett 64; Eugene Forbes 112.

Velton Chafin and Harrison Creel led 521 as the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Henry Guthery, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Velton Chafin; Vice Chairman—Harrison Creel; Secretary—Margaret Keeton