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Pratt-Woodard Memorial Singing

Houston Congregational Church, Houston, Winston County, Alabama

Saturday, October 25, 2008

The 1st annual Pratt-Woodard Memorial singing was held at Houston Congregational Church on Saturday before the fourth Sunday in October. Richard Mauldin called the class to order by leading 49t. The opening prayer was offered by Glenn Keeton.

The class was organized by electing or appointing the following officers to serve: Chairman—Richard Mauldin; Vice Chairman—Don Robertson; Secretary—Margaret Keeton; Arranging Committee—Lisa Geist.

Leaders: Richard Mauldin 36b; Don Robertson 358, 182; Margaret Keeton 137, 129; Leona Haynes 146, 101t (in memory of her mother); Stella Pratt 100 (for her son); Stella Pratt and family, (daughters Hilda and Denise; grandsons Justin and Hunter; granddaughter Kasey) 487 (in memory of Stella’s father, T.P. Woodard, who wrote this song); Travis Keeton 340, 348b; Juanita Beasley 61, 39b; Anne Chalker 235, 388; Marlin Beasley and Joshua Marquez 294, 63; Faye Donaldson 225t, 176b. The pastor, Bobby Smith, welcomed everyone.


Don Robertson brought the class back together leading 151. Leaders: Josie Hyde 234, 200; Joshua Keeton 268, 408; Velton Chafin 177, 172; Roma Rice 475, 297 (in memory of John Hyde); Marlin Beasley and Jonathan Marquez 460, 318; Geraldine Sharpton 542, 66; Larry Ballinger 291, 98; Glenn Keeton and Bobby Smith 45t, 59; Butch White 178, 28b.


The afternoon session began with Richard Mauldin leading 35. Leaders: Bridgett Hill 499, 82t; Kermit Adams 424, 31b; Caleb Allred 30b, 47b; Susan Allred 183; Parnell Berry 298, 283; Rachel Allred 317, 276; Leona Haynes, Stella Pratt, Don Robertson 222; Lisa Geist 269, 304; Joshua Keeton 196; Leona Haynes 505 (CB); Anne Chalker and Richard Mauldin 378t (in memory of Dick Mauldin); Marlin Beasley and Ester White 294; Geraldine Sharpton 300; Bridgett Hill 168; Kermit Adams 155; Lisa Geist 532.

Announcements were made, including the announcement that this singing will become an annual event.

Richard Mauldin and Don Robertson led 46 as the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer offered by Marlin Beasley.

Chairman—Richard Mauldin; Vice Chairman—Don Robertson; Secretary—Margaret Keeton