Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Oak Grove Primitive Baptist Church and Boiling Springs Convention

Sylacauga, Alabama

July 14, 1996

The annual singing of the Oak Grove Primitive Baptist Church and the Boiling Springs Convention was called together with the class singing songs on pages 37b, 47b, 47t, 32t, and 81 (t? b?). The morning prayer was led by Douglas Conn. The class was organized and the following officers elected: Chairman—Jeff Sheppard; Vice Chairman—B. M. Smith; Secretary and Arranging Committee—Chita Blakeley. Jeff Sheppard led song on page 57. Leaders: B. M. Smith 276, 101t; Chita Blakeley 43, 74t; A. L. Beckett 369, 30b; Willard Frederick 490, 77t.


Jeff Sheppard called the class to order by leading song on page 82t. Leaders: Douglas Conn 384, 436. Oak Grove Church hosted a singing school on Friday and Saturday evening before the singing on Sunday. It was very well supported and some of the students led: Daniel Dean 75, 470; Virginia Futral 36b, 46; Stanley Sims 85t, 82 (t? b?); Gavin Blakeley 401; Dana Dean 59, 39b; Wendy Futral “The Great Roll Call”, 100; Kyle Blakeley 126, 313t; Dollie Bush 340, 216; Jason Ritch 133, 388; Joseph Ritch 401, 153; Jenny Gurley 112, 358. Leaders: Hilda Morrison 426t, 317; B. J. Harris 503, 303b. Elder Bufrey Dean welcomed everyone, and dismissed the class with prayer for lunch.


The afternoon session was called to order by B. M. Smith leading song on page 123t. Leaders: Eugene Forbes 480, 566; Shelbie Sheppard 29t, 28b, 106; Milton Oliver 314, 321; Kim Cagle 371, 460; Maude Frederick 145b, 442; Jim Carnes 385b, 171; Brenda Dean 98, 417; Evelyn Harris 155, 378t; Jonathan Blakeley 108b, 31t; Floy Wilder 456, 434; E. W. Bush 341, 147t; Deborah Ritch 220, 168; Myra Goss 170, 380; Audress Gurley 108b, 37t; Edna Phillips 200, 196; Pennie Bosarge 337 for her brother, Rodger Morrison; Bufrey Dean 268, 378b. Announcements were made. Jeff Sheppard, B. M. Smith, and Bufrey Dean led song on page 176t for the closing song. Elder Bufrey Dean dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Jeff Sheppard; Vice Chairman—B. M. Smith; Secretary—Chita Blakeley.