Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Muscadine Methodist Church

Muscadine (Cleburne County), Alabama

July 4, 1996

The thirteenth session of the July 4th Sacred Harp singing met at Muscadine Methodist Church. The class was called to order by Jeff Sheppard leading songs on pages 32t and 37b. The morning prayer was led by Lonnie Rogers. Leaders: B. M. Smith 90, 123t; Margie Smith 313t, 31b; Shelbie Sheppard 216, 269. The class organized by electing the following officers: Chairman—Jeff Sheppard; Vice Chairman—B. M. Smith; Arranging Committee—Margie Smith; Secretary—Mary Florence Smith. Jeff Sheppard led song on page 186. Leaders: Chris Thorman 189; Josephine Denney 52t, 145t; Bud Oliver 270; Melanie Hauff 95b, 215; John Bailey 106, 340; Hannah Roberts 515b; Carlene Griffin 516; Ted Mercer 346.


The class was called together by B. M. Smith leading song on page 152. Leaders: Everette Denney 63, 119; Karen Hojnacki 300; Henry Johnson 82t; Carolyn Deacy 290; Felton Denney 503b; Reba Dell Windom 454; Ted Johnson 89; Lee Rogers 242; Ashley Roberts 200; Chip Barker 147t; Charlene Wallace 479; Mary Florence Smith 318.


The class resumed singing with Jeff Sheppard leading song on page 61. Leaders: Don Bowen 485; Cassie Franklin 107; Leola Smith 294; Milton Oliver 384; Shannon Crim 178; Harvey Austin 335; Lou Cotney 196.


The afternoon session was called to order by Jeff Sheppard leading song on page 155. Leaders: Louis Hughes 421; Susan Roberts 40; Jacob Griffith 277; Edith Tate 371; Richard DeLong 362; Louise Holland 144; Lonnie Rogers 225t; Judy Mincey 532; Shelton Williamson 222; Pam Nunn 171; Alice Edwards 73b; Lewis Norton 34t; Revy Williamson 209; Bonnie Flowers 458; I. V. McWhorter 35; Cindy Franklin 475; Homer Benefield 56t; Estelle Flowers 388; Roy Nelson 456; Rene Greene 507; Phillip Langley 182; Geneva Prichard 389; Liz Bryant 344; Florence Williams 490; Katherine Benefield 405; Mildred Patterson 294; B. M. Smith 73b in memory of Norman Shaddinger. Jeff Sheppard asked that we all remember what this day, July 4th, stands for, and for the freedom we have that permits us to meet and sing. The pastor of the church, Donald Payne, welcomed everyone, and extended an invitation for all to visit with the church any time, and that God gave us independence from our sins. By request, Jeff Sheppard led song on page 110. Leaders: Chris Thorman 137; Ashley Roberts 383; Ted Johnson 83t; Karen Hojnacki 300; Hannah Roberts 157; Ted Mercer 39b; Cassie Franklin 212; John Bailey 448b; Jeff Sheppard 58. Announcements were made. Jeff Sheppard and B. M. Smith led song on page 46 for the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer by Donald Payne, pastor of the church.

Chairman—Jeff Sheppard; Vice Chairman—B. M. Smith; Secretary—Mary Florence Smith.