Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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New Year’s Day Singing

Holy Trinity Church, Mapperley, Derbyshire, United Kingdom

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

The annual New Year’s Day Singing was called to order by Helen Brown leading 52t. She welcomed everyone, and Simon White offered the morning prayer.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairperson—Helen Brown; Vice Chairperson—Ted Brown; Arranging Committee—Judy Whiting and Ian West; Secretary—Margaret Gillanders.

Leaders: Ted Brown 49b; Margaret Gillanders 171; Ruth Steggles 99; Judy Whiting 507b (CB); Michael Walker 40; Richard Percival 563 (CB); Chris Brown 113; Gillian White 49t; Maria Wallace 277; James Percival 474.


Rosalind Oldham called the class back to order leading 84. Leaders: Anna Baldini 299; Ian West 98 (CB); Sarah Pinney 186; Matt Wojcik 306; Rosie Wojcik 129; Helen Brown 270; Margaret Gillanders 503; Ted Brown 569b; Ruth Steggles 198; Gillian White 47t; Michael Walker 58; Richard Percival 38b; Chris Brown 441; Maria Wallace 159; James Percival 36t; Matt Wojcik 203; Rosalind Oldham 143; Anna Baldini 217. Peter Owen-Jones offered grace for the mid-day meal.


Judy Whiting re-convened the class leading 34b. Leaders: Ian West 500 (CB); Sarah Pinney 155; Rosie Wojcik 349; Helen Brown 379; Ted Brown 378t; Margaret Gillanders 475; Michael Walker 131b; Ruth Steggles 454; Richard Percival 571 (CB); Gillian White 324; Chris Brown 68b; Maria Wallace 268; James Percival 63; Matt Wojcik 192.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Ted Brown. The names on each of the lists were read. Those deceased included the following: John McDougall, David Berrisford, Harvey Cornes, Albert Moorley, David Gillott, Peter Hampson, Dennis Runcorn, Fred Hunt, Percy Bown, Minja Lausevic, Kathleen Watts, Edmund Wojcik, Ken Ross, Vera Ross, John Buckland, Bert West, Bob Tanner, Katy Lowe, and Sheila Orrell.

The sick and housebound honored were Peter Manley, Jock Knight, Sue Hill, Stan Shaw, Joan Mattock, Phil Goodwin, Hazel Myszka, Annabel Deighton, Alice Blanchard, Nora Czypak, Peter Ogden, Jean and Cedric, Don Clark, and Amanda Denson. Ted Brown led 77t for all those remembered.

Leaders: Rosalind Oldham 54t (CB); Anna Baldini 146.


Judy Whiting called the class back together leading 273. Leaders: Sarah Pinney 504; Rosie Wojcik 440; Ted Brown 30t; Margaret Gillanders 573 (CB); Michael Walker 148; Ruth Steggles 572 (CB); Matt Wojcik 157; Gillian White 276; Chris Brown 183; Richard Percival 178; Rosie Wojcik and Matt Wojcik 460, 189.

Following announcements, Helen Brown and Ted Brown led 347 as the closing song. Gillian White offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairperson—Helen Brown; Vice Chairperson—Ted Brown; Secretary—Margaret Gillanders