Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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DeLong Memorial

Ebenezer Primitive Baptist Church, Dunwoody, Georgia

June 23, 1996

The annual DeLong Memorial Sacred Harp singing was held on the fourth Sunday in June. Richard DeLong called the class to order leading song on page 34b. Kenneth DeLong led the morning prayer. Richard DeLong led song on page 57. Leaders: Kenneth DeLong 354t, 572; Helen Bryson 182, 48b; Reuben Ball 499, 497; Joan Durden 114, 29t; Henry Johnson 127, 68b; Cathy White 159, 358; Jack Corley 300; Jeannette DePoy 436; Ted Mercer 270; Becky Almand 170; Louis Hughes, Sr. 183; Dianne Walls 299; John Plunkett 523; Dollie Hudgins 343; B. M. Smith 475; Laurie Allison 36b. The following officers were elected for the following year: Chairman—Richard DeLong; Vice Chairman—Kenneth DeLong; Secretary/Treasurer—Helen Bryson.


The class was called together by Kenneth DeLong leading song on page 275b. Leaders: Matt DeLong 34t; Violet Thomason 189; Raymond Hamrick 466; Hannah Roberts 157; Sharona Nelson 66; Dan Bailey 442; Janice Paulk 518; Dennis Walls 276; Ashley Roberts 528; Carlene Griffin 37b; Horace DeLong 434, 384; Faye Pettis 236. The memorial lesson was held with remarks by Richard DeLong. He spoke of his earliest memories of coming to singings, and the first time one realizes that you have become a part of the Sacred Harp singing community and family, and as you get older how precious these memories become. Elder Jesse Roberts remarks centered on those who had married into the DeLong family or who were friends of the DeLong family. Jesse Roberts led song on 30t for the deceased. Deceased since last year: Ola Pruitt, Ethel Cook, and Mae Moon. Richard DeLong led song on page 109 for the sick and shut-ins. This year they are: Eva Reeves, Hazel Cagle, Jerry Sheppard, Mozell Sheppard, Betty Womack, Charles Dannals, Euna DeLong, Ms. Brady, and William Headrick.


The class was brought to order by Richard DeLong leading song on page 220. Leaders: Doug Allison 481; Jessica Roberts 532; Lee Rogers 502; Charlene Wallace 516; Chris Carnell 180; Susan Roberts 347; Shane Ellis 112; Leann Carnell 547; Shirley Ellis 144; Jesse Roberts 260; Debra Jones 480; Robert Kendrick 354b; Alice West 350; Jack Smith 515; Mike Castleberry 401; Margie Smith 494; Richard DeLong 507; Helen Bryson 172.


Richard DeLong called the class back to order by leading song on page 333. Leaders: Sharona Nelson 445; Ted Mercer 444; Hannah Roberts 163b; Liz Bryant 142; Andy Morse 31t; Ashley Roberts 196; Chris Carnell 155; Jessica Roberts 454; B. M. Smith 373; Horace DeLong 45t; Raymond Hamrick 231; Frances Carnell 360; George Snyder 503. Announcements were made. Richard DeLong and Kenneth DeLong led the class in the closing song on page 62. The class was dismissed with prayer by Jesse Roberts. $50.00 of the collection was given to Ebenezer Church to help cover expenses of the singing.

Chairman—Richard DeLong; Vice Chairman—Kenneth DeLong; Secretary/Treasurer—Helen Bryson.