Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Kentucky State Sacred Harp Convention

Pisgah Presbyterian Church, Versailles (near Lexington), Kentucky

May 18, 1996

The Kentucky State Sacred Harp Convention met on Saturday before the third Sunday in May. At 9:00 a.m. Ron Pen called the class to order, and Caroline Simmons gave an invocation. Ron Pen began the first morning session with song on page 58. Leaders: Keith MacAdam 84, 155; Raphael Finkel 128, 535; Bob Meek 178, 143; Laura Chipe 179, 68b; Charles Coulston 107, 497.


Ron Pen opened the second morning session with songs on pages 209 and 524. Leaders: Mary Brinkman 40, 73b; Don Waggener 410 (t? b?), 59; Mitchell Martin, Jr. 276, 569b; John Bealle and daughter, Josie Bealle 46; John Bealle 278t; David Rusk 81t, 86; Eloise Clark 485, 66; Bob French 506, 56b; Laurel Cornell 236, 48b.


The memorial lessons were given during the third morning session. Ron Pen eulogized Glen C. Wilcox (Kentucky) who died November 24, 1995. Because of Dr. Wilcox’s long-time association with Southern Harmony and the Big Singing in Benton, Kentucky, Ron led New Britain from the Southern Harmony. Keith MacAdam spoke briefly of his mother, Muriel Snow Faulkner MacAdam (New York) who died March 26, 1996, and her influence on his life and music. He led 312b in her memory. There was a period of announcements for upcoming singings from those in attendance. The class sang 49 (t? b?) for grace, and Ron Pen dismissed the class for a potluck lunch on the grounds.


Keith MacAdam opened the first afternoon session with song on page 479, and then led 457 to thank Pat Meek who coordinated the kitchen activities for the singing. Leaders: William Ralph Paris 64, 61; Laurel Cornell 49 (t? b?), 284; Bob French 245; John Bealle for Eloise Clark 48t, 475; David Rust 117, 454; Mitchell Martin, Jr. 216, 178; Eloise Clark 313b, 47t.


The second afternoon session began with Keith MacAdam leading 268. Leaders: Denise Morris 358, 146; Raphael Finkel led “Lansdowne” (his own composition which he debuted last year), 269; Ron Pen 455, 126; Mary Brinkman 159; Keith MacAdam for Nancy Paris 31t; Bob Meek 53; Laura Chipe 168; Keith MacAdam 299 at Ron Pen’s suggestion in order for Alice Swim and Cindy Clendenon to stand in the square. The class sang 267 to close.

There were 35 singers registered for the day with several guests.

Organizing Committee: Mary Brinkman (song leader), Raphael Finkel, Keith MacAdam, Ron Pen, and Caroline Simmons; Secretary—Charles Coulston.