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National Shape Note Gathering

Ozark Folk Center, Mt. View, Arkansas

July 7-8, 2006

The Third Annual Shape Note Gathering began on Thursday evening with leaders from the Sacred Harp, 1991 Revision, Cooper Book (CB), Alabama-Christian Harmony (AL-CH), North Carolina-Christian Harmony (NC-CH), Black-Mississippi Shape Note (B-M), Cayce-The Good Old Songs (C), and Missouri Harmony (MH).

Friday, July 7

The class was called together by Charley Sandage who gave a welcome address, and appointed Gaylon Powell to be the moderator to call leaders. Gaylon Powell led 559 (CB). The morning prayer was offered by Jonathan Miller. Gaylon Powell gave the traditions of the Cooper Book and led 507, 239 (?), and 410 (t? b?). Danny Creel gave the traditions of the Alabama Christian Harmony and led 338, 326, 117, 225 (t? b?), and 93.


The class was called together by Hugh McGraw leading 378t. Leaders: Dan Brittain 22 (MH); Laura Boosinger 68 (NC-CH); Emily Creel 171 (AL-CH); Jonathan Miller 109 (AL-CH); Benny Walls and Chiquita Walls 584 (B-M); Eddie Huckaby 399 (C); Mark Tew 341 (NC-CH); Wendy Johnson 129 (NC-CH); Paul Drummond 201 (C); Charles Whitmer 31b; Emily Creel 155; Linda Booker 505 (CB); Charley Sandage 541 (C).


Dan Brittain called the class together leading 23, 24 (t? b?), 27, 30 (t? b?), 33 (t? b?), 34 (t? b?), 35, 50 (t? b?), 60, 113, and 34 (MH). Laura Boosinger led 360, 88 (t? b?), 159, and 128 (NC-CH).


Paul Drummond called the class together and gave the tradition of Cayce-The Good Old Songs then led 277, 339, 463, 612, 476, 538, 158, 155, and 156. Leaders: June Jolley 159 (NC-CH); Karen Miller 555 (C); Benny Walls 242 (B-M); Sonny Erwin 563 (CB); Tammy Powell 106 (AL-CH); David Johnson 303 (B-M); Danny Creel 93 (AL-CH). The class was dismissed with prayer by Rev. Roland Green.

Friday night, July 7

The class was called together by Hugh McGraw who gave the tradition of The Sacred Harp, and led 49t. Leaders: Charlene Wallace 220; Carlene Griffin 155; Hugh McGraw 37t; Emily Creel 37b; Laura Boosinger 59; Dan Brittain 378 (MH); Danny Creel 73 (AL-CH); Charles Whitmer 569b; Gaylon Powell 45t (CB); Caye Stubbings-Mott 46; Eddie Huckaby 47b.


Chiquita Walls and Benny Walls called the class together then gave the traditions of the Mississippi Black Shape Note and led 352, 36 (t? b?), 585, 92, and 154 (B-M). Leaders: Paul Drummond 555 (C); Gaylon Powell 546 (CB). The closing prayer was given by Benny Walls.

Saturday, July 8

The class was called together by Gaylon Powell leading 500 (CB). Jerry Taylor offered the morning prayer. Charley Sandage welcomed everyone and announcements were made. Leaders: Gaylon Powell 171 (CB); Danny Creel 186, 258 (AL-CH); Dan Brittain 153, 110 (MH); Laura Boosinger 214, 208 (NC-CH); Hugh McGraw 569t, 45b; Benny Walls and Chiquita Walls 247 (?), 154 (B-M); Charles Whitmer 393, 543 (CB); Charley Sandage 277 (C). Elliot Hancock, Assistant Manager of the Ozark Folk Center, welcomed everyone.


Gaylon Powell called the class together leading 476 (CB). Leaders: Holly Ruth Caie 584 (B-M); Charlene Wallace 73b, 155; Mark Tew 171 (CB), 73t; Kay Martin 276, 507 (CB); Margie Whisler 49t; Jim Futrell 303 (B-M); June Jolley 217 (NC-CH), 58 (NC-CH); Linda Booker 87, 49b; Emily Creel 63, 19 (AL-CH); Eddie Huckaby 59, 46.


The class was called together by Gaylon Powell leading 22 (MH). Leaders: Sonny Erwin 558b (CB), 505 (CB); Mark Tew and Chiquita Walls 45t; Carlene Griffin 37b; Wendy Johnson 239 (CB); Laura Boosinger 106 (NC-CH), 87 (NC-CH); Tammy Powell 138 (CB), 524 (CB); Kay Martin 569b; Hugh McGraw 408 (CB), 416 (CB); June Jolly 51 (NC-CH), 110 (NC-CH); Emily Creel 133, 155 (AL-CH); Eddie Huckaby 341 (NC-CH), 159 (NC-CH); Chiquita Walls and Benny Walls 54 (B-M), 48 (t? b?) (B-M).


Gaylon Powell brought the class together leading 411 (CB). Leaders: Dan Brittain 31 (MH), 130 (MH); Drew Armstrong was invited to demonstrate lining out from the Lloyd Hymnal 62; Danny Creel 180 (AL-CH), 54 (AL-CH); Sonny Erwin 488b (CB), 45t; Charles Whitmer 555 (C); Charley Sandage 352 (C).

Announcements were made. Gaylon Powell, Dan Brittain, Hugh McGraw, Danny Creel, Chiquita Walls, Benny Walls, and Laura Boosinger led 159 (CH) as the closing song. Benny Walls dismissed the class with prayer.

Moderator—Gaylon Powell; Secretary—Charlene Wallace