Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Darien Primitive Baptist Church
Homecoming and Singing

Tallapoosa County, Alabama

Sunday, May 28, 2006

For many years a Sacred Harp singing was held at Darien Primitive Baptist Church in conjunction with the annual Homecoming. However, most of the singers in the area had passed on and the singing was discontinued. This year an effort was made by singers who had attended the Mount Pisgah singing the day before to begin having an annual singing once again, so there will be two annual singings in the area on this weekend.

The singers assembled and sang several songs from the Lloyd Hymnal. At 10:00 a.m., Don Clark led 59, and Gaylon Powell offered the morning prayer.

A business meeting was held with the following officers elected or appointed: Chairman—Don Clark; Vice Chairman—John Merritt; Secretary—Charlotte Bishop.

Leaders: Don Clark 155; John Merritt 225t (CB), 74b (CB); Charlotte Bishop 229 (CB), 268; Gaylon Powell 512 (CB), 133 (CB); Karen Clark 501, 503; Laura Densmore 228; 336t (CB).

A Homecoming Address was given by Bobby Welsh, and a short business session for the church and cemetery was held.


The afternoon session was called to order by Don Clark leading 503 (CB) and 73t (CB) (in memory of Herbert Bishop). Leaders: Brenda Merritt 563 (CB), 163b; Jenny Willard 199 (CB), 318; Keith Willard 511t (CB), 144 (CB); Guy Bankes 350, 38t (CB); Wayne Cotney 45t (in memory of Herbert Bishop); Thomas Willard 392 (CB), 274t (CB), 36b (CB); Charlotte Bishop 511b (CB), 358 (CB); Karen Clark 218 (CB), 294; John Merritt “Nettie” and “Auburn”; Gaylon Powell 290; Laura Densmore 196; Jenny Willard 475; Brenda Merritt 392; Keith Willard 484 (CB); Guy Bankes 502 (CB); Wayne Cotney 373 (in memory of Izora W. Bishop); Charlotte Bishop “A Light at the River”.

Announcements were made. Everyone is invited to come back next year for another wonderful day of singing. Don Clark led 527 (CB) as the closing song, and the class was dismissed with prayer.

Chairman—Don Clark; Vice Chairman—John Merritt; Secretary—Charlotte Bishop.