Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Godsey Sisters Memorial Singing (Leona Horton, Maude Adams, Mina Adams, Delia Watts)

Shady Grove Church - Double Springs, Alabama

March 17, 1996

The annual Sacred Harp singing in honor of the Godsey sisters: Leona Horton, Maude Adams, Delia Watts, and Mina Adams, was called to order by Dawson Adams leading song on page 48t. The evening prayer was led by Milford Watts. Dawson Adams led song on page 147t. The class organized by electing the following officers: Chairman—Kermit Adams; Secretary—Pernie Pelfrey; Arranging Committee—Odie V. Horton. Leaders: Gene Wakefield 56 (t? b?), 57; Lena Keeton 100, 405; John Hyde 37b, 111b; Billy Williams 339; Lola Roberson 137, 297 in memory of her husband, Tom Roberson; Ivalene Donaldson 39b; Amanda Denson 134, 64; Rose Altha Taylor 317b in memory of Aunt Leona Horton; Josie Hyde 203, 411; Gladys Bonds 47b, 49b in memory of her dad, Levi Godsey; Milford Watts 201b, 129, 400, 376 in memory of Uncle Jessie Adams; Ora Lee Fannin 99, 83t, 67 for her husband, Robert Fannin, and in memory of her brother, Ralph Adams; Pernie Pelfrey 343b, 371 in memory of her mother, Maude Adams and Aunt Delia Watts; Odie V. Horton 133, 33b, 81t in memory of his father, Bud Horton; Thurman Horton 138b, 375 for Robert Fannin who was not able to attend; Odie V. Horton 131t. Kermit Adams led songs on pages 101t and 59 for the closing songs, and the class was adjourned with prayer by Milford Watts.

Chairman—Kermit Adams; Secretary—Pernie Pelfrey.