Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Wootten’s New Year’s Eve Singing

Antioch Baptist Church, Ider, Alabama

December 31, 1995

The annual Wootten’s New Year’s Eve Singing was held at Antioch Baptist Church, and was called to order by Jeffrey Wootten and Marty Wootten leading songs on pages 48t and 276. The evening prayer was led by Dewayne Wootten. Leaders: Terry Wootten 47t, 74 (t? b?); Levon Wootten 28b, 68b; Phillip Wootten 399b, 30t; Marlon Wootten 39t; Jenny Wootten 155, 344, 551; Eloise Wootten 234; Jeff Sheppard 461, 441; Clarke Lee 503, 120; David I. Lee 385t, 340, 448t; David J. Lee 31t, 569b; Lamar Smith 76b; Mark Brown 572 (Cooper book); Freeman Wootten 49b; Debbie Cain and Allie Brown 37b, 490; Shelbie Sheppard 440, 448b; Judy Lee 518, 410 (Cooper Book); Mel Kersey 99; Kathy Lee 81 (t? b?), 45t.


Marty Wootten and Jeffrey Wootten called the class together leading songs on pages 176t and 137. Leaders: David Ivey 106, 201; Mary Elizabeth Lee 361, 354b; Tony Ivey 306, 523; Robin Smith, Suanne Smith, and Sharon Smith 500 (Cooper book); Rachel Lee 388, 168; Norma Latham 573 (Cooper book); Bud Laney 335, 100; Richard Ivey 222, 270; Allison Ivey 300, 171; Loyd Ivey 89, 511b (Cooper book); Ricky Harcrow “Gone To Rest”, “Trusting”, “Roll On Dark Stream”; Erica Mitchell 354b; Coy Ivey and Karen Ivey 449 (Cooper book), 475, 454; Milton Oliver 54 (Cooper Book); Linda Thomas and Jewel Wootten 563 (Cooper book); Syble Adams 505, 229 (Cooper book); Leroy Digsby and Myra Dalton 348b, 163t; Lorrie Wootten 299; Eloise Wootten 474, 424; Shane Wootten 445; Susan Harcrow 102, 200, 269; Sheila Wootten 29t, 63; Dewayne Wootten 286 (Cooper book), 41b (Cooper book), 213 (t? b?); Dewayne Wootten and Paula Crow 127, 147t.......HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!.......Terry Wootten 56b, 507b (Cooper book); Tony Shrader, Freeman Wootten, and Virginia Dell Glass 68b; Nancy Digsby 38b; Wayne Murphree “Where The Soul Never Dies”, “When I’ve Traveled The Last Mile”; Syble Adams “It Is Well With My Soul”, “Love At Home”. Announcements were made. Marty Wootten and Jeffrey Wootten led song on page 62 as the closing song. The closing prayer was led by David Lee, Sr.

This singing was started in 1963 by Brenda Carroll and Eloise Wootten at the home of Chester Wootten, and has become a tradition to sing with friends and family since that time.

Submitted by: Shelbie Sheppard.