Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Columbia Singing

Trinity Presbyterian Church, Columbia, Missouri

Saturday, October 19, 2002

The annual Columbia Singing was held at the Trinity Presbyterian Church in Columbia, Missouri on Saturday before the third Sunday in October. Lou Kujawinski called the class to order leading song on page 452 and offered an opening prayer.

Lou Kujawinski announced the election or appointment of the following officers: Chairman—Lou Kujawinski; Secretary—Cindy Stone; Treasurer—Becky Ashbaugh; Arranging Committee—Wendy Hofmann; Memorial Committee—Penny Kujawinski and Cherry Hinderberger; Chaplains—Sue Pearson and Jon Pearson.

Leaders: Penny Kujawinski 171; Cindy Stone 361; Wendy Hofmann 70 (t? b?); Susan Green 350; Jeanette Lowry 270; Annie Grieshop 128; Becky Browne 217; Presley Barker 192; Dave Ressler 441; Luke Barker 79; Jo Dell Albi 203; Gary Gronau 542; Jon Pearson 368; Mark Bruns 110; Mryka Hall-Beyer 352; Penny Kujawinski 99.


Becky Browne called the class back to order leading song on page 39t. Leaders: Kim Fennewald 159; Annie Grieshop 40; Jeanette Lowry 216; Dennis Corcoran 148; Cindy Stone 180; Presley Barker 56b; Dave Ressler 122; Mryka Hall-Beyer 569b; Jon Pearson 497; Mark Bruns 142; Susan Green 327; Jo Dell Albi 299; Luke Barker 354b; Gary Gronau 440; Penny Kujawinski 201; Becky Browne 212. Sue Pearson closed the morning session with a prayer and led in singing the “Doxology” and song on page 49t.


Lou Kujawinski called the class back to order leading song on page 503. Leaders: Jeanette Lowry 276; Paul Figura 68b; Presley Barker 474; Lila Leland 479; Dennis Corcoran 163 (t? b?); Mryka Hall-Beyer 277; Jon Pearson 143; Sue Pearson 344; Annie Grieshop 146; Lou Kujawinski 473; Dave Ressler 436; Cindy Stone 178; Penny Kujawinski 224; Mark Bruns 74 (t? b?); Susan Green 157; Jo Dell Albi 384.

Penny Kujawinski began the memorial lesson by speaking of the song “Pilgrim” on page 201 and how its origins go back to the early 1600s. We are linked to those early Americans who were not famous, but who gave us so much, just as the people we have loved and known who have passed on have meant so much to us. In memory of recently deceased: John Bailey—Illinois; Barbara Bolles—Missouri; and Freeman Wooten—Alabama; Penny Kujawinski led song on page 285 (t? b?).

Cherry Hinderberger spoke of her sister who had fallen and suffered brain damage some years ago. She has difficulty remembering her family and former life, but she still remembers the songs she used to sing. Even those who are ill or incapacitated may draw strength and comfort from the songs they have come to cherish. The memorial committee led song on page 86 for the ill and shut-ins: Kurt Hofmann, Meg Poche, Diane Hennessy, Kathy Wood, Jake Oriatti, and Kelly Beard. Sue Pearson led song on page 87 and dedicated it to Kathy Wood of Nebraska who has been physically unable to sing. She closed the memorial lesson with a prayer.


Jeanette Lowry called the class back to order leading song on page 63. Leaders: Wendy Hofmann 312 (t? b?); Gary Gronau 430; Becky Browne 181; Gayle Von Engeln and Wendy Hofmann 268; Presley Barker 47 (t? b?); Dennis Corcoran 377; Melody Von Engeln and Wendy Hofmann 313b; Mryka Hall-Beyer 454; Jon Pearson 472; Sue Pearson 186; Annie Grieshop 137; Dave Ressler 168; Cindy Stone 547; Paul Figura 45 (t? b?); Penny Kujawinski 36b; Mark Bruns and Shirley Bruns 66; Susan Green 64; Jo Dell Albi 29b; Jeanette Lowry 411 (dedicated to a family who had suffered two accidents recently); Gary Gronau 496.

Lou Kujawinski thanked all for attending and making this a wonderful singing. Appreciation was given to those who had prepared food and to Wendy Hofmann, Susan Green, and Dave Ressler for sharing the pitching.

Announcements were made of upcoming singings. Lou Kujawinski led the closing song on page 62, and those who wished took the parting hand. Jon Pearson offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Lou Kujawinski; Secretary—Cindy Stone.