Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Pisgah Presbyterian Church

Versailles, Kentucky

May 18, 2002

The twenty-first session of the Kentucky State Sacred Harp Singing was held at Pisgah Presbyterian Church on Saturday before the third Sunday in May. The class was called to order at 9:05 a.m. by Chairman Charles Coulston passing the lead to Keith MacAdam. Leaders and selections were as follows: Keith MacAdam 155, 479; Charles Coulston 209, 481; Bob French 180; Bob Sears 523b; Greg Creech 47b; JoAnn Grimes and Mike Grimes 178, 146; Rob Coulston 38t, 40; Greg Creech 38b, 127; Mike Grimes 56b, 66.


The group introduced themselves around the room, each speaking briefly of how they first became involved with shape-note singing. Singing resumed with Phil Cullum leading songs on pages 147t and 155. Leaders: Joy Dunn 551; Keith MacAdam 532 (for Joy Dunn); Anna Creech 334, 333; JoAnn Grimes and Mike Grimes 45t; Jim Thobaben 481; Charles Coulston 268 (for Jim Thobaben); Mary Brinkman 159, 313b; Keith MacAdam 196; JoAnn Grimes 145t; Charles Coulston 99; Charles Coulston 81t (for Jim Thobaben); Scott Moore 503, 59; Bob Sears 354b.

The memorial lesson was held. Keith MacAdam led song on page 107 for his mother-in-law, Pauline Abrahams, whose birthday anniversary was on the day of our singing. Her family had originally come from Russia. Mary Brinkman led song on page 271b in memory of her father, Philip Toll Brinkman, who had passed away the previous January. Keith MacAdam led song on page 195 in memory of Richard Putnam Pratt, song having been requested by his daughter, Anne Pratt, who lives in Connecticut and could not attend the singin. The memorial lesson was closed. Charles Coulston led song on page 49t as grace before lunch.


After enjoying lunch and fellowship, the group was reconvened by Charles Coulston. Leaders: Bob Meek 68b; Greg Creech 32t; Mike Grimes 30b; Anna Creech 31t; Mary Brinkman 410 (t? b?); Keith MacAdam 569b; Mike Grimes and JoAnn Grimes 236; Charles Coulston 344; Charles Coulston 58 (for Roger Burnell); Scott Moore 445b; Bob French 245; Rob Coulston 117; Bob Meek 270; Keith MacAdam 365 (for Greg Creech); Mike Grimes 361.


Singing resumed with Joy Dunn leading song on page 133. Leaders: Elaine Foy 421; Rob Coulston 497, 147b; Charles Coulston 45t (for guest listeners); Keith MacAdam 128; JoAnn Grimes 63; Charles Coulston 276; Charles Coulston 129 (for Roger Burnell); Mike Grimes 347.

Announcements were made. Charles Coulston led song on page 267 as the closing song, and the class was dismissed.

SPECIAL NOTICE: We will move the annual Kentucky Singing to Saturday before the second Sunday in May, 2003 (one week earlier than in the past) in order to accommodate our nearby Berea, Kentucky singing friends, many of whom have a conflict on our current date. If this date works for most others who want to attend our singing, it will become permanent.

Chairman—Charles Coulston; Acting Secretary—Mary Brinkman.