Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Vermont State Singing

Weathersfield Center Meeting House, Weathersfield, Vermont

Saturday, March 23, 2002

The annual Vermont State Singing was called to order at 10:00 a.m. by Dan Hertzler leading song on page 452. Walt Colteryahn led the class in the morning prayer, and then led song on page 569b.

Leaders: Matt Wojcik 101t; Bob Parr 270; Paul Setford 40; Ann Whitcomb 479; Rosie Wojcik 129; Jenny Wright 203; Ginnie Ely 313t; Nancy Thomas 84; Guy Bankes 171; Susan Jaster 486; Laura Timmerman 228; Erica Brinton 209; Corlan Johnson 86; Richard Schmeidler 474; Bill Holt 73t; Kitty Kagay 68b; Brendan Taaffe 31t; Eric Fellinger 27.


Linda Shea brought the class back to order leading song on page 47t. Leaders: Laura Timmerman 99; Ann Pearce 181; Brian Collett 254; L.H. Spencer 218; Barbara Swetman 163t; Nicola Collett 217; Anna Patton 198; Katherine Collett 122; Nancy LeSourd 48t; Becca Morrison 30b; Chuck Neville 49b; Allison Schofield 95; Cathy Brochet 163b; Elka Schumann 168; Andrew Magee 399b.

Walt Colteryahn conducted the memorial lesson and songs on pages 452, 155, and 122 for the deceased: Tera Alston—California; J.B. Parker—Georgia; Winifred Bruner—Iowa; Mabel Dennison and John Ward—Maine; Richard Hooke—Massachusetts; Agnes Dumas, Caroline Henderson Frost, and Jane Ward—New Hampshire; Norma Baker, Bryce Butler, Pete Douglas, Harriet Henry, Juan Infante, George Konnoff, Jim Nichols, William Pyka, Gloria Settle, Linda Smart, and Vaughn Ward—New York; Dean Cowles—Oregon; Mary Metz—Pennsylvania; Molly Babic, Sacha Bloch, Morrow Decker, Ward Johnson, Tony Mayhew, Dan Melcon, Wayne Murray, Kelly Ohaus, Rose O’Ryan, Krystian Paduzzi, Don Sunseri, David Wilson, David Wilson, Jr., Tom Witschi, and Robert Woodward—Vermont.

Dan Hertzler led song on page 70t for the sick and shut-ins: Mary Ann Haagen, Gina Ballestracci, Gabe Brunelle, Linda Himadi, David Fedorka, Leonard R. Spencer, Mary Phillips, Masha Scott, Gregory Dillon, Mary Bliss, Ann Moody, Voula Zervakis, Al Goldman, Rudy Peirce, Sheila Callan, and Phill Wisor.

John Kochalka led song on page 178 and offered grace for the noon meal.


Ginnie Ely brought the class back to order leading song on page 146. Leaders: Guy Bankes 147t; Seth Houston 455; Bill Holt 376; Lynnette Combs 324; Ann Whitcomb 566; Rosie Wojcik 440; Linda Shea 542; Lila Farrar 191; Jenny Wright 347; Susan Jaster 94; Allison Schofield 384; Erica Brinton 344; Matt Wojcik 82t; Paul Setford 273; Anna Patton 236; Nancy Thomas 523; Kitty Kagay 193; Richard Schmeidler 66. Announcements were made.


Bob Parr brought the class back to order leading song on page 72b. Leaders: Brian Collett 269; Brendan Taaffe 299; Anne Pearce 410t; Maria Schumann 114; Eric Fellinger 186; Ian Smiley 117; Laura Timmerman 34t; L.H. Spencer 260; Barbara Swetman 475; Nicola Collett 268; Nancy LeSourd 106; Andrew Magee 277; Katherine Collett 497; Chuck Neville 503; Cathy Brochet 547; Elka Schumann 312b; Becca Morrison 546; Matt Wojcik 189; Walt Colteryahn 159.

Dan Hertzler led song on page 62 as the closing song, and Nancy Thomas dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Dan Hertzler; Secretary—Jenny Wright.