Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Garden State Unconventional Sunday

Saint Bart’s Church, New York, New York

May 20, 2001

The Garden State Unconventional Sunday singing was held at Saint Bart’s Church, New York, New York on the third Sunday in May. The class was called to order by Roland Hutchinson leading song on page 77b.

Leaders: Edwin Macadam “Wiltshire” (Praise and Glory); Blake Morris “Ireland”; Gina Balestracci 38t (CB); Matt Wojcik “Sovereign Love”; Tom Tucker 92 (EH); Blake Morris 79 (EH); Hal Kunkel and Thom Metzger “The Stone Forever Stands”; Rosemary Greenaway 78 (EH) (with additional instruction in performance practice by Edwin Macadam); Bradford West “Kayron”; Gina Balestracci 84 (EH); Thom Metzger “Dow”; Roland Hutchinson “New Poole” (Praise and Glory).


Bill Holt brought the class to order leading song on page 52t. Leaders: Barbara Swetman “Cranbrook” (Praise and Glory); Laura Densmore 98 (CB); Ginny Landgraf 76 (EH); Bradford West 90 (EH); Matthew Wojcik 12 (EH); Richard Schmeidler 110 (EH) (led by Gina Balestracci); Tom Tucker 1 (EH).


The class resumed singing with Bradford West leading song on page 48t. Leaders: Matt Wojcik 82t; Blake Morris 297; George Seiler 122; Claire Simon 522; Gina Balestracci 112; Ginny Landgraf 332; Kshama Ananthapura 433; Bill Holt 550; Ellie Soler 59; Thom Metzger 216; Rosemary Greenaway 203; Roland Hutchinson “Reilly’s Third”; Barbara Swetman 390; Diane Mennella 564; Sheila Girling Smith 474; Bradford West 384; Tom Tucker 360; Hal Kunkel 411; Susan Hanson 269.


The class resumed singing with Bradford West leading song on page 37b. Leaders: Ted Stokes “The Good Old Way (Second)”; Matt Wojcik 58; Jean Seiler 200; Edwin Macadam 236; Richard Schmeidler 146; Michael Kaye 147t; Gerry Hoffman 148; George Seiler 183; Ginny Landgraf 504; Gina Balestracci 419; Roland Hutchinson 553; Charlotte Ehrman 163 (t? b?); Bradford West 99; Blake Morris 351; Laura Clawson 114; Laura Densmore 55t (EH); Matt Wojcik 365; Rosemary Greenaway 335; Tom Tucker 347; Alexa Gilmore 162; Bradford West 340.

Co-Chairmen—Roland Hutchinson and Bradford West; Locating Committee—Gail Harper, Bradford West, and Roland Hutchinson; Secretary—Gina Balestracci.