Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Huntsville Sacred Harp Singing

Burritt On The Mountain -
A Living Museum, Huntsville, Alabama

Saturday, May 5, 2001

The seventeenth annual Huntsville Sacred Harp Singing was held in the Madison Church building on the grounds of Burritt On The Mountain located atop Monte Sano Mountain in Huntsville. The singing was called to order at 9:30 a.m. with Chairman Richard Ivey leading songs on pages 29t and 101t. Sam Sommers of Elkhart, Indiana voiced the morning prayer.

The class organized by selecting the following additional officers: Vice Chairman—Lomax Ballinger; Secretary—Teresa Ballinger; Arranging Committee—Linton Ballinger and Lomax Ballinger.

The singing resumed with Vice Chairman Lomax Ballinger leading song on page 32t. Leaders: Secretary Teresa Ballinger 542; David Ivey 294 (by request); Sam Jones 159; Tina Leopold 63; Paula McGray 217; John Hyde 313t; Gary Leopold 128; Ashley Keeton and Ashley Campbell 442, 143; Coy Ivey and Elene Stovall 59; Judy Caudle 428; Gravis Ballinger 300; Margie Smith 494; Nate Green and Norma Green 503, 113; Jarrod George 358; Hershell King 340; Rhoda Norris 177; Phillip Ballinger 299; Karen Isbell 348b; S.T. Reed 32b.


Rodney Ivey called the class together leading song on page 120. Leaders: Randall Smith, Richard Ivey, and Rodney Ivey 137; Karen Freund 278b; Bud Oliver 384; Loretta Smith and Amy Smith 47t, 37b; Dan Hopper 245; Pam Wilkerson 142; Lavaughn Ballinger, Buddy Ballinger, Linton Ballinger, Leon Ballinger, Lomax Ballinger, and Gravis Ballinger 167; Amber Springfield 192; Travis Keeton 343; Shelbie Sheppard 448t; Paul Unruh 155; Eloise Wootten 405; Jerry Enright 42.


L.O. Harper and Sandra Jordan brought the class together leading song on page 45t. Leaders: Amanda Ballinger 454; Cassie Franklin and Jason Wright 224; Sam Sommers 188; Josie Hyde 507; Glenn Keeton 475; Wilton Donaldson and Ivalene Donaldson 129; Gary Smith 31t; Syble Adams 430; Mark Carroll 344. Lavaughn Ballinger asked the blessing for the noon meal.


The afternoon session was called together with Richard Ivey leading song on page 82t. Leaders: Linda Thomas and Jeff Sheppard 352, 556; Richard DeLong 396; Jeannette DePoy 112; Leon Ballinger 195; Diane Mennella 349; B.M. Smith 273; Susan Harcrow 436; John Plunkett 449; Loyd Ivey 89; Darlene Dalton 290; Shane Wootten 172; Lisa Geist 327; J.L. Hopper 178; Sarah Smith 100; Henry Johnson 385t; Elene Stovall 182; Buddy Ballinger 212; Betty Wright 347; Arvid Holmes 312b; LaRue Allen 220.


Linton Ballinger called the class together leading song on page 81t. Leaders: Larry Ballinger 50b; Tommy George 354b; Karen Ivey 391; Max Berueffy 498; Dennis George 198; Charles Meidinger 268; Philip Gilmore 201; Virginia Douglas 49b; Charles Stiefel 378b; Matt Wells 196.

Following announcements, Chairman Richard Ivey led song on page 62, and the class was dismissed with prayer led by Elder J.L. Hopper.

Chairman—Richard Ivey; Vice Chairmen—Lomax Ballinger; Secretary—Teresa Ballinger.