Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Lincoln’s Birthday Singing

Ida Noyes Hall, University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois

February 4, 2001

The ninth annual Lincoln’s Birthday singing at the University of Chicago’s Ida Noyes Hall was called to order by Kate Lingley at 1:00 p.m. leading song on page 117. Jacob Affolter led the class in the opening prayer. Jim Swanson led song on page 312b; Nick Pasqual 333; and Rachel Adelstein 131b.

A business meeting was held. The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Cathryn Baker; Vice Chairman—Natalia Cecire; Secretary—Ariel Weinberg.

Leaders: Cathryn Baker 384; Natalia Cecire 538; Dean Slaton 512; Anne Heider 318, Jacob Affolter 481; Orwin Youngquist 47t; Sue Kessell 107; Samuel Sommers 358; Randy Neufield 159; Lisa Grayson 269; Kent Beck 475; Melanie Hauff 196; Jim Helke 361; Susan Geil 81t; Ted Johnson 215; Judy Hauff 377; Herb Schroeder 128; Suzanne Flandreau 474; Marcia Johnson 368; John Seaton 49b; Ariel Weinberg 171; Vi Stark 66.

Announcements of local and regional singings were made.


The singing resumed with Cathryn Baker leading song on page 163b. Leaders: Kent Beck 68b; Samuel Sommers 112; Sue Kessell 155; Jim Swanson 302; Rachel Adelstein 29t; Nick Pasqual 569t; Judy Hauff 183; Dean Slaton 211; Randy Neufield 496; Jacob Affolter 485; Natalia Cecire 86; Ted Johnson 224; Anne Heider 362; Jim Helke and John Greven 236; Lisa Grayson 536; Herb Schroeder 332; Melanie Hauff 503b; Steve Warner 65; Susan Geil 276; Marcia Johnson 440; Suzanne Flandreau 87; John Seaton 56b; Vi Stark 84; Ariel Weinberg 48t.

Cathryn Baker closed the singing with song on page 347, and Jacob Affolter offered a closing prayer.

The specific date of the singing varies from year to year, but is always held in conjunction with the University of Chicago Folk Festival. In 2002, the singing will be on the first or second Sunday in February. For more information, please contact the University of Chicago Shape Note Singers Association.

Chairman—Cathryn Baker; Vice Chairman—Natalia Cecire; Secretary—Ariel Weinberg.