Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Rock Creek Mountain Home - Ryan Creek Convention

Jones Chapel Senior Citizen Center

August 19, 1995

The ninety-ninth session of the Rock Creek Mountain Home, and the one hundred twenty-second session of the Ryan Creek Convention met at Jones Chapel Senior Citizen Center on Saturday, August 19, 1995, and was called to order with Henry Guthery leading song on page 59. The morning prayer was led by Hershell King. Leaders: Vernice Calvert 100, 159, 30t, 44; John Hyde 124, 275b; Kathy Chandler 155, 354b; Velton Chafin 163b, 225 (t? b?); Essie Calvert 340, 89; Gordon Wilkerson 434, 475; Martha Woodard 428; Corene White 314; Jewel Wootten 85, 63; Marie Guthrie 189, 411; Gene Wakefield 64, 168; E. E. Kilgore 454, 192.


Henry Guthery called the class together leading song on page 235b. The class organized by retaining all officers: Chairman—Vernice Calvert; Vice Chairman—Cecil Sanders; Secretary—Unie B. Howard. Leaders: A. D. Chandler 123 (t? b?), 136; Eldagene Roberson 300 215; Imogene Nelms 66, 269; David Roberson 268, 137; Unie B. Howard 384; Josie Hyde 183, 298; Hershell King 426t, 551; Flarce Creel 503b, 34b.


A memorial lesson was given at this time for those who have passed away since last year. Deceased: Lindsey Crider, Leon Price, Ted Godsey, Dwight Ingle, Henry Jackson, Palmer Calvert, Bertha Henson, Trixie Vandiver, Ervin Brothers, Elder Harley Hocutt, Aubrey Persall, Clyde White, James Denson, Otis McCoy, Hattie Swann, Edna Calvert, and Milton Campbell. Marie Guthrie led songs on pages 73t and 348b in their memory. John Hocutt led 403 and 321b for all the sick and shut-ins. Hershell King closed the memorial with prayer. The class sang “Amazing Grace” and dismissed for lunch.


Vernice Calvert called the class together leading songs on pages 322 and 166. Leaders: Edith Tate 129, 167; Linda Thomas 43; Reedie Evans 280, 358; Bascom Mattox 186, 217; Ruth Walker 48t, 490; Amanda Denson, Reedie Evans 430, 200; Lora Cargo 108b, 222; Ruth and Opha Burleson 101t, 100; I. V. Cockrell 455; Elvin Guthrie 477, 488, 266; Eron White 146, 408; Cassie Franklin 178, 485. The class voted to hold this convention at Jones Chapel Senior Citizen Center next year on the Saturday before the third Sunday in August, 1996. After announcements, the class was dismissed with prayer by Hershell King.

Chairman—Vernice Calvert; Vice Chairman—Cecil Sanders; Secretary—Unie B. Howard.