Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Lillian Calvert and Irene Woodley Memorial

Pleasant Grove Primitive Baptist Church, Boldo, Alabama

Saturday, January 13, 2001

The annual Birthday/Memorial Singing for Lillian Calvert and Irene Woodley was held at Pleasant Grove Primitive Baptist Church in the Boldo community near Jasper, Walker County, Alabama on Saturday night before the second Sunday in January.

The class was called to order by Harrison Creel leading song on page 30t. Elder Ronald Gilmore offered the evening prayer.

Leaders: Harrison Creel 498; Glenn Keeton 215; Travis Keeton 53; Furn Kitchens 378b; Willodean Barton 480; Max Berueffy 430; Lisa Geist 327; Elvin Guthrie 365; John Hyde 297; Mr. and Mrs. L.H. Gilmore 318, 34t; David Roberson 340; Faye Donaldson 129; Randy Moon 143; Gravis Ballinger 300; Eldagene Roberson 142; Josie Hyde 507; Milton Oliver 314; Henry Guthery 189; Julia Poston 101t; Amber Springfield 192; Wilton Donaldson and Ivalene Donaldson 426t; Danny Creel 182; Delores Canady 87; “Happy Birthday” for Bradley Allen.


Harrison Creel brought the class to order leading song on page 111b. Leaders: Rodney Ivey 317; Margaret Keeton 91; Elsie Moon 348b; John Merritt 154; Marie Guthrie 434; Charles Kitchens 179; Ronald Gilmore and Hazel Gilmore 390; Flarce Creel 475; Velton Chafin 97; Brenda Merritt 336; Ann Jett 269; Lena Keeton 546; Jackie Tanner 208; Edis Guthrie 99; Elene Stovall 436; Wanda Capps 200; Larry Ballinger 425; Rodney Ivey 225t (for Cecil Sanders); Christie Allen 398, 74b (for Gladys Bonds); Cindy Tanner 77t, 75 (for the Woodley family); Harrison Creel 342 (for Sheila Moon).

Harrison Creel led song on page 512 as the closing song. Elder Ronald Gilmore dismissed the class with prayer.

The singing will be held again next year.

Chairman—Harrison Creel; Secretary—Wanda Capps.