Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Little Vine Primitive Baptist Church

Near Bremen, Georgia

September 3, 2000

The annual all day Sacred Harp singing at Little Vine Primitive Baptist Church was held on the first Sunday in September. Chairman Charles Woods called the class to order leading song on page 31b. Roy Nelson offered the morning prayer. Charles Woods led song on page 59.

A business session was held with the following officers elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Charles Woods; Vice Chairman—Richard DeLong; Secretary/Treasurer—Charlene Wallace; Memorial Committee—Mary F. Smith; Arranging Committee—Jeannette DePoy and Richard DeLong.

Leaders: Charles Woods 283; Richard DeLong 70t, 82b, 83b; Charlene Wallace 354 (t? b?), 130, 141; Bobby Jackson 285t, 569b, 34t; Carlene Griffin 146, 270; Earlis McGraw 132, 163t, 225t; Sheri Taylor 45t (in memory of Mrs. Mary Griffin), 29t, 209; David Hough 137 (in memory of Virgil Phillips and Ruby Phillips), 566, 384.


The class was called together by Charles Woods leading song on page 300. Leaders: Judy Henry 74b, 77t; Nick Griffin 164, 551; Mary F. Smith 127, 224, 378b; Jeff Sheppard 540, 316, 506; Paula McGray 432, 377, 107; Katharine Hough 49b, 373, 376.


The class resumed singing with Charles Woods leading song on page 277. Leaders: Everette Denney 335, 489, 490; Henry Johnson 56b, 326, 385 (t? b?).

Mary F. Smith presented the memorial lesson and led song on page 106 in memory of the following deceased: Wiley Bradley, Lois Long, Ralph Long, Allene Stanford, Shelton Williamson, and Dollie Hudgins.

Mary F. Smith led song on page 494 for the sick and shut-ins: Charlotte Allison, Dorothy Garber, Susan Garber, Mozelle Sheppard, I.V. McWhorter, Polly Moore, Cecil Edwards, and Vivian Rogers. Mary F. Smith closed the memorial with prayer.

Leaders: Lonnie Rogers 410t, 318, 348b; Jeannette DePoy 129, 460, 421; Hugh McGraw 567; Roy Nelson 179, 274 (t? b?); Tom McGraw 148, 30t, 475; Felton Denney 231, 299, 31t; Elder Homer Benefield 56t; Katharine Hough 217 (in memory of Marie Aldridge); Henry Johnson 416; Paula McGray 273; David Hough 371.

Announcements were made. Charles Woods led song on page 168 as the closing song. Roy Nelson dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Charles Woods; Vice Chairman—Richard DeLong; Secretary—Charlene Wallace.