Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Rock Creek-Mountain Home and
Ryan Creek Convention

Masonic Hall, Crane Hill, Alabama

Saturday, August 19, 2000

The one hundred-fourth session of the Rock Creek-Mountain Home and the one hundred twenty-seventh session of the Ryan Creek Convention convened at the Masonic Hall, Crane Hill, Cullman County, Alabama on Saturday before the third Sunday in August.

The class was called to order by Billy Williams leading song on page 147b. Aubrey Tyree offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Wilton Donaldson 32t, 56 (t? b?); Aubrey Tyree 322, 358; Ivalene Donaldson 129; John Hyde 297, 124.

A business session was held for the purpose of electing officers. The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Billy Williams; Vice Chairman—Travis Keeton; Secretary—Eldagene Roberson; Arranging Committee—Billy Williams; Location Committee—Marie Guthrie; Finance Committee—David Roberson; Memorial Committee—Marie Guthrie and Eron White; Chaplain—Aubrey Tyree and Reedie Powell. The business session was closed.

Leaders: Reedie Powell read Psalm 100 and led song on page 369; Josie Hyde 80b, 310; Euell Freeman 127, 64, 317; Bill Stewart 68b, 452b.


Travis Keeton called the class to order leading songs on pages 205 and 48t; and Brenda Pena led songs on pages 229 and 231.

The memorial lesson was presented by Marie Guthrie and Eron White with the following comments: “We come to the time in this convention that we remember our friends and loved ones that have deceased since our last convention. We also remember the friends and loved ones who are unable to attend because of illness. But we also rejoice in the knowledge that our loved ones who have departed this life are in a better place, and we recommend a lesson be sung in their memory.” The list of deceased: Everette Kilgoe, Virgil Phillips, Ruby Phillips, Willard Hopper, Lela Crider, Mary Oden, Ester Wall Brown, Katerina Sanders, Claudie Freeman, Thelma Speigle, Alice Washburn, Gertie Harbison Smith, Charles Grant, Vada Grant, Marie Aldridge, Lester Light, Elbert Freeman, Fayrene Wakefield, Herbert Phillips, and Gertie Knight. Billy Williams led songs on pages 40 and 445b for the deceased.

Velton Chafin led songs on pages 75 and 88t for the sick and shut-ins: Tressie Adkins, Mavis Price, Callie Calvert, Sheila Moon, Alpha Black, Rummon Graves, Elsie Beasley, I.V. Cockrell, Kimmie Holcomb, and Thurman Nall. Aubrey Tyree closed the memorial session with prayer.

Leaders: David Roberson 274 (t? b?), 63; Corene White 146, 379; Eron White 155; Eldagene Roberson 457, 81t; Velton Chafin 144, 45t.

Because some of the singers had to leave to attend a funeral in the afternoon, the Location Committee gave their report. New Hope Church, Cullman, Alabama, five miles south of Jones Chapel on Highway 278 (t? b?) asked that the convention be held there in the year 2001.


Velton Chafin called the afternoon session to order leading song on page 71. Leaders: Travis Keeton 378t; John Hyde 108 (t? b?); Euell Freeman 123t; Wilton Donaldson 30t; Cecil Sanders 111t; Bill Stewart 36b; Marie Guthrie 389, 411, 328; Brenda Pena 423b; Reedie Powell 126; Aubrey Tyree 208, 189; Travis Keeton 104.

Announcements were made. Billy Williams led song on page 62 as the closing song, and Aubrey Tyree gave the closing prayer.

The convention will be held at New Hope Church, Cullman County, Alabama, next year.

Chairman—Billy Williams; Vice Chairman—Travis Keeton; Secretary—Eldagene Roberson.