Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Gum Pond Primitive Baptist Church

Eva, Morgan County, Alabama

May 28, 2000

The May Decoration Day Sacred Harp Singing held at Gum Pond Primitive Baptist Church was called to order by Chairman Milford Cobbs leading songs 45t and 75. The morning prayer was offered by Milford Cobbs. Leaders and selections were as follows: Arvid Holmes 74b, 64; Judy Caudle 37b, 47t, 358 (for Lessie Grant); Corene White 73t,146 (in memory of Charles Grant); David Roberson 36b, 274t; Mary Alice Wakefield 48t, 87; Eron White 168; Gene Wakefield 138t, 112; Lomax Ballenger 59, 144.


The singing resumed with Milford Cobbs leading song 323b. Leaders: Jonathon Thompson 313t, 84; Marie Guthrie 113, 192; Linton Ballinger 81t, 82t; Nancy Thompson 335, 334; Eldagene Roberson 157, 457; Hershell King 340, 97; Brandon Thompson 39b, 354b; Rhoda Norris 187, 322; J.C. Rutledge 401; Susan Holmes 441, 460; Rachel Allred 274t, 294; Gerald Holmes 268, 203, 49t. Milford Cobbs led song number 381 and Hershell King offered prayer and blessing for lunch.


After enjoying lunch and fellowship, the class was called to order by Milford Cobbs leading song number 40.

A memorial session was held at this time. Willard Hopper of Eva, Alabama who passed away in May 2000 was remembered. Others included in memory were Bera Bradford, Alta Self, Talmadge and Pauline Cobbs, J.L. and Mary Oden, Fayrene Wakefield, Julia White, B.B. Mattox, Virgil Philips and Ester Wall Brown. Judy Caudle led songs 459 and 384. The memorial session was closed.

Leaders: Jennifer Allred 39t, 183; Caleb Allred 87, 89; Henry Guthery 149, 121; Danielle Crocker 358, 49t; Debra Ritch 200; William Allred 274t; Jane Long 100; Buckley Hopper 300, 489; Andrew Crocker 127, 128; Susan Allred 480, 120; Ron Crocker 94, 138b; Eunice Kimbrell 421, 332; Daniel Hopper 479, 359; Glenda Hopper 30t, 139; Judy Caudle 340 (by request of Mamie Buckelew for Verlon Smith and Kimmie Holcomb who were sick); J.L. Hopper 198, 61.

Announcements were made. Milford Cobbs and J.L. Hopper led song on page 122 as the closing song. Elder J.L. Hopper offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Milford Cobbs; Vice Chairman—Arvid Holmes; Secretary—Judy Caudle.