Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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All-California Sacred Harp Singing Convention

Palo Alto, California

January 15, 1995

The seventh annual All-California Sacred Harp Singing Convention met at 10:00 a.m. in the Lucie Stern Community Center in Palo Alto, California. The convention was called to order by Jerry Schreiber leading the song on page 313t. Stephen O’Leary led the opening prayer. Carolyn Deacy led 144. Chairman Jerry Schreiber led the convention into a business meeting and officers were elected as follows: Chairman—Carolyn Deacy; Vice-Chairman—Laura Boyd; Secretary—Susan Breitbard; Assistant Secretary—Don Ward; Arranging Committee—Katy Hicks, Karen Willard, and Alice Sharp; Treasurer—Chris Thorman; Assistant Treasurer—Rick Russell; Memorial Committee—Mary Rose O’Leary and Janet Herman; Chaplain—Ginny Landgraf; Resolutions Committee—Ted Mercer and Barbara Saxton; Locating Committee—Sue Turpin and Stephen O’Leary. Leaders: Paul Ralston 168; Zena Tucker 504; Gary Breitbard 208; Bob Brylawski 163t; Barry Phillips 106; Paul Robinson 398; Carla Smith 448t; Ann Huckins 442; Jim Friedrich 122; Cindy Willard-Danner 85; Ron Cohen 245; Tom Ostwald 268; John Schaffer 313 (t? b?).


The class resumed singing with Laura Boyd leading the song on 337. Leaders: Dean Slaton 436; Marilou Jolly, CMP (handout by Stanley Smith of San Diego); Linda Booth 297; Winston Stephens 535b; Leon Wilson “Summerfield” (handout); Sandy Hill 203; Connie Karduck 456; Hugh McGuire 396; Eric Schutter 269; Leon Ballinger 137; Ted Mercer 29 (t? b?); Janet Herman 384; Steven Levine 28b.


The class resumed with Karen Willard and Hugh McGuire leading song on 82t. Leaders: Jon Rand 385 (t? b?); Jerry Schreiber 362b. The Memorial Service followed with Janet Herman leading song on 108b to remember those who are sick and shut-in or otherwise unable to attend the singing: Georgia—Lisa Webb, Junurs Hudgins, Dollie Hudgins, Eva Reeves, Yvonne Ogren, Virginia Bradshaw, Donna Wanland, Louise Taylor, Jan Brasier, Lara Pencis, Jenny Strickler, Mo Vaughn, and Denise Landazuri; California—David Hem, Victoria Clark, Judy Lau, Ethan Blair, and Maria Moreno; Illinois—Elsie Silzer; New York—Effie Cassolti; Tennessee—Betty Newberry; Pennsylvania—Catherine Cessna; Washington—Johnny Jeans; Colorado—Samantha Redston and Barry Sullivan; Ireland—Richard Moore. Mary Rose O’Leary delivered a memorial lesson and led song on page 376 in memory of those who have died during the past year: Mike Jorgensen; Arthur Weyl, Jr; Aileen Toquinto; and Alison Ruiz; Massachusetts—Frederick Evans; Mississippi and Arizona—Dick Parker; Oregon—Ed Miller; California—Reginald “Rex” Coultas, Elizabeth Van Kol, and Charles Benson; Washington—Kurt Cobain; France—Jacques Ellul; Harvey Carlsen; Frank Dubiuskes; Louise Jensen; and Mireya de la Pena; Alabama—Henry Kerr and Grady Albright; Florida—T.H. Ross; Georgia—Dura Blackman, Dana Jackson, Zera Mize, Evelyn Dillashaw, Harry Dumas, Carlton Hitchcock, Lewis Cox, Jim Jefferis, Bishop Daniel Corrigan, Betty Goldstein, and Fred Klein; Louisiana—Janet D’Amore; Illinois—Anne Tarsa, Marilyn Trier, and Helmuth Schumacher. Jerry Schreiber and Carla Smith of San Diego led song on 445b to remember Jake Lunsford. The singing resumed and leaders called were: Rick Russell 183; Richard DeLong 421; Steve Warner 84; Betty Herman 276; Laura Boyd 47t, with words to 45 (t? b?); George Seiler 148; Judy Mincey 510. Jim Friedrich offered the lunchtime prayer.


Chris Thorman brought the class back from lunch leading song on 63. Leaders: Ginny Landgraf 447; Katharine O’Hara 378b; Barbara Saxton 143; Jane Hancock 454; Anne Heider 189b; Jeanne Schaffer 490; Karen Willard 198; Victoria Ostwald 299; Jean Seiler 455; Stephen O’Leary 73t; Chris Thorman 200; David Hough 569b; Mary Rose O’Leary 318; Susan Breitbard 59; Lois Hurt 551; Susan Turpin 497; Stephanie Rosenbaum 49b; David Swarens 500; Karen Stingle 532; Bruce Rowland 58.


Alice Sharp and Hugh McGuire brought the class back from recess leading song on 312b. Leaders: Myles Alexander 547; Sandy Klein 236; Phillip Garrison 178, Peter DuBois 43; Vykki Mende-Gray 86; Barbara Reid 186; Mark Weyl 107; Paula Kimbro 335; Fred Wilkie 31 (t? b?); Arnold Zwicky 66; Dan Curtis 56b; Tom Ayres 440; Jan Peterson 40. A business session was then held. The Resolutions Committee, Barbara Saxton and Ted Mercer, thanked the following people: Barbara Saxton, Carolyn Deacy, Chris Thorman, and Sue Lindner for organizing the convention; the City of Palo Alto for co-sponsoring the convention; Sue Lindner, Phillip Garrison, Don Ward, Katy Hicks, Dan Curtis, Winston Stephens, Ieva Audejs, Anne Huckins, Martha Porter, Tom Ayres, Jan Peterson, Lisa Ralston for organizing the dinner on the grounds; Katy Hicks for organizing refreshments; Paul Ralston, Judy Mincey, Anne Heider, Peggy Murray, Dvora Yanow, Ginny Landgraf, Paula Kimbro, Alice Sharp, Kathy Sillavo for organizing registrations; Richard DeLong for leading the singing school on Saturday; Barbara Saxton, Ginny Landgraf for organizing housing for out-of-town singers; Susan Breitbard for signs; Gary Breitbard for arranging the location; Barbara Saxton, Paul and Lisa Ralston, Chris Thorman, Carolyn Deacy, Susan Breitbard, Jan Peterson, Gary Breitbard for arranging convention publicity; Lisa Ralston for maps and travel assistance; many people, too numerous to list, who housed out-of-towners and who brought food for the potluck. The class voted to hold next year’s convention in Los Angeles. Treasurer Chris Thorman reported that expenses had been covered and nearly $300.00 raised for next year’s convention. Carolyn Deacy acknowledged visitors from other states. Represented were: Georgia, New Jersey, Illinois, Colorado, Minnesota, Nevada, Texas, Oregon, Washington, Pennsylvania, and Mississippi.

The class took the parting hand with Carolyn Deacy, Laura Boyd, and Susan Breitbard leading 62. Ginny Landgraf dismissed the class with a prayer.

Chairman—Carolyn Deacy; Vice Chairman—Laura Boyd; Secretary—Susan Breitbard.