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Society for American Music Singing

Sonora Zoom Room (Virtual), Tucson, Arizona

Friday, March 11, 2022

The singing at the annual conference of the Society for American Music was held virtually this year rather than in our planned host city of Tucson, Arizona. Esther Morgan-Ellis called the class to order at 6:32 p.m. Mountain Time by leading 82t. Doris Dyen, a member of the Society, offered the opening prayer. Song selections were from The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition except where otherwise indicated.

Leaders: Kevin Kehrberg 491; Erin Fulton 60; Jesse P. Karlsberg 278b; Ginny Landgraf 383; Deane Root 79; Pat Coghlan 214 (in memory of David Fetcho); Brian Anderson 59; Sarah Kerhberg 91; Doris Dyen 58 (recalling having begun her Sacred Harp fieldwork fifty years ago); Elizabeth Uchimura 159. Prior to singing 137 (ScH), Nate Ruechel described some of the research he will present later this weekend relating to Aaron Copland’s arrangement of the song.

Leaders: Ginny Landgraf 73t; Lucey Rose Karlsberg 196; Esther Morgan-Ellis 113; Brian Anderson 395; Pat Coghlan 299; Deane Root 333; Kevin Kehrberg 269; Ginny Landgraf 68t; Jesse P. Karlsberg 227; Erin Fulton 339 (in honor of David Killingsworth and in memory of Thomas Hugh Killingsworth). Ginny Landgraf gave the closing prayer. Esther Morgan-Ellis led 62 and the class was notionally dismissed, although in practice they remained in place to chat and reminisce.

The Society for American Music Singing occurs in conjunction with the Society’s annual meeting, the date and location of which vary every year. The 2023 singing will convene in Minneapolis, Minnesota in lieu of our canceled 2020 meeting there.

Chairwoman—Esther Morgan-Ellis; Vice Chairman—Kevin Kehrberg; Arranging Officer—Jesse P. Karlsberg; Secretary—Erin Fulton