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Southwest Texas Sacred Harp Convention,
Fall Session, (Cooper Book)

Waldorf School, Austin, Texas

Sunday, August 31, 2014

The Fall Session of the Southwest Texas Sacred Harp Convention was held on the fifth Sunday in August. The usual Saturday session had given way to the annual Young People’s Singing held at the Waldorf School the previous day. Vivian Rogan brought the class to order by leading 68b. After her welcoming remarks, and prayer offered by Jeb Owen, she led 49t.

Leaders: Bruce Coates and Beverly Coates 36b; Janie Short 434; Sonny Erwin 569; Cheryl Foreman 53; Tom Owen 28t; Stephanie Fida 514; William Price 505; Silas Huckaby 300; Lela Crowder 559; Eddie Mash 464; Abby Huckaby and Lauren Owen 146; Johanna Sims 59; Rick Foreman 508; Kate Coxon 416b; Sonny Huckaby 400; Jackson Owen 572; Rebecca Edwards 567; Riley Owen 155; Sam Esquerra 31t; David Wright 512; Alexandra Copeland 207b; Carter Cook 210; Ginny Landgraf 318.


Vivian Rogan brought the singers together by leading 461. Leaders: Rick Cunningham 57; Cheyenne Ivey 465; William Gilman 432; Lauren Bock 98; Tim Morton 364; Annaleigh Smith 411; Eamonn O’Neill 224; Virginia Eldridge 97; Donald Ross 591; Evelyn Lamb 416t; Phillip Langley 140; Melissa Kelley 378b; Darrell Swarens 96.

Memorial Lesson: Tom Owen spoke for the sick and shut-ins, including the following: Henry McGuire, Derrick Crisp, Richard Mauldin, Josephine Denney, Jane Goforth, Ed Thacker, David Rust, Cathryn Bearov, Sr., Paul Wyatt, Elsie Moon, Curtis Owen, and Edith Owen. He then led 95b for those on the list.

Scott Curran spoke for the deceased, including the following: Stanly Edwards, Betty Wright, and Hobert Ivey—Alabama; Hugh Bill McGuire—Mississippi; Casey Crawford, Doris Hanks, Bobbie Rainoshek, Lawson Smith, A.A. Smith, Jr., John Kerr, and Bobby Evans—Texas. Scott led 384 in memory of those on the list, mentioning that 384 was a special favorite of Doris Hanks, a life-long supporter and singer in the Southwest Texas Convention. The memorial lesson was closed with prayer offered by Elder Sonny Huckaby.

Leaders: Elise delMas 131b; Steve Helwig 105b; Nathan Berry 80t; Cassie Allen 242; John Wiens 324; Crystal Meadows 67; Noelle Copeland 518; Jesse Karlsberg 524; Priscilla Wiggins 408; Richard Ivey 54t. The blessing for the food was offered by Gaylon Powell.


Gaylon Powell opened the afternoon session leading 563. Leaders: Amy Peveto 571; Kevin Barrans 337; Vickie Cook 162; Thom Fahrbach 590; Ben Copenhaver 552; Diane Ross 132; Mike Hinton 478; Kris Wiggins and Gaylon Powell 149; Katie Mahoney 381t; Alex Hawk 260; Lindsey Wiggins 222; Daniel Allcock 148; Linda Booker 447t; J.T. Harechmak 133; Kristie Powell 482; Bill Bailey 121; Catherine Rogan 356; Ryan Young 138t; Olivia Powell 235; Rich Lee 164; Liz Owen 558; Leon Ballinger 280; Scott McCown 99; Michele Curran 203; Gaylon Powell 131t; Scott Curran and Leon Ballinger 424; Kevin Powell 240; Gary Rogan 129; Jeb Owen 73t.

Announcements were made. Vivian Rogan led 69 as the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Gary Rogan.

Vice Chairwoman—Vivian Rogan; Secretaries—Bruce and Beverly Coates