Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Young People’s Sacred Harp Singing Association (Cooper Book Singing)

Mars Hill Primitive Baptist Church, Hoboken, Georgia

September 29, 2013

The class was called to order by Bryant Lee and Riley Lee leading 380b. Terry Herrin offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Bryant Lee and Riley Lee 70t; Dinah East 47b; Karen Willard 504t; Laura Densmore 30t; Clarke Lee 149; Louis Hughes 225t; Allison Steel 436b; Erik Schwab 58; Sharon Kermiet 344; Melissa Kelley 559; Bob Schinske 590; Kendra Strickland 393; Pattie Wareh 148; Elise delMas 425; Julie Lee 195; Henry Johnson 439; Faiz Wareh 186.


Clarke Lee called the class to order leading 329. Leaders: Carol Huang 505; Tarik Wareh 438t; Terry Herrin 78; Ellen Lueck 313; John Gentry 380t; Raymond Hickox 381t; Becky Wright 150; David Lee 514; Darrell Swarens and Adrian Eldridge 239; Adrian Eldridge 93; Kevin Barrans 336t; Ryan Bowman and Nicole Bowman 377t, 463; Trevor East and Melissa Dupree 358; James Eldridge 453b; Morgan Bunch 591; Stephanie Carter 511t.

The memorial lesson was conducted by Laura Densmore, who led 83t. She brought to our attention to the following sick and shut-ins: Karen Edwards, Chris Holley, Claudene Townson, Phillip Wootten, Delores Lee, and Frank DeBolt.

Also remembered were the following deceased: Brendon O’Neil—Grimsby, UK; Diane Mennella—New York; Evelyn Steinruck—Pennsylvania; Jeff Sheppard—Alabama. David Lee closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Leaders: Riley Lee 436t; Katherine Eldridge 355. Raymond Hickox offered prayer before the noon meal.


Bryant Lee called the class to order leading 114t. Leaders: Bryan Seale 36t; Timothy Altman 348t; Chris Brown and Judy Whiting 575; Ashley Thompson 414; Rebecca Eldridge 39; Eamonn O’Neill 485; Judy Whiting and Chris Brown 95b; Gavin Baxley 340; Jesse Karlsberg 133; Jessica Altman 217; Cora Wareh 587; Shane O’Neal, Mary Elizabeth O’Neal, and Kellen O’Neal 283, 488; Lauren Bock and Jesse Karlsberg 524; Kathy Lee 42; Erin Johnson-Hill 38t; Anna Pfau 210.


Clarke Lee called the class to order by leading 294. Leaders: Tony Batten and Lynn Batten 164; Chaz Smith and Shane O’Neal 500; Stanley Cade and Shane O’Neal 563; Phillip Reeves 29b; Karen Willard and Jesse Karlsberg 594; Allison Steel 53; Erik Schwab 243b; The Eldridge family and Darrell Swarens 567; Melissa Kelley and Eamonn O’Neill 138t; Bryan Seale 68b; Kevin Barrans 411.

Bryant Lee and Riley Lee led 527, as everyone who wished took the parting hand. Clarke Lee offered the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Riley Lee; Vice Chairman—Bryant Lee; Secretaries—Dinah East and Kendra Strickland