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South Georgia Sacred Harp Singing Convention

Liberty Hill Community House, Barnesville, Georgia

Sunday, October 7, 2012

The 93rd session of the South Georgia Singing Convention was called to order at 9:30 a.m. by President Wesley Haley leading 59. Wayne Watson offered the opening prayer.

Leaders: Bill Hollingsworth 50b; Mary Brownlee 354t; David Grant 154; Wayne Watson 49b; Martha Harrell 47b, 45t; John Hollingsworth 335, 114; Shannon Primm 106, 47t; Judy Chambless 472; Jesse P. Karlsberg and students (Adnan Fazili, Andy Park, and Taiaz) 39t, 440; Helen Bryson 492, 29t; Malinda Snow 108b, 569t; Carol Hanson 384; Nathan Rees 115, 211; Russ Hanson 441, 300.


President Haley recalled the class to appoint Mary Brownlee and Shannon Primm as the Memorial Committee. He then led 34t, followed by Oscar McGuire leading 155 and 485.

The class went into a business session. President Haley called on the Nominating Committee to present its suggested slate of officers. John Hollingsworth and Raymond Hamrick put forward the following for approval: President—Bill Hollingsworth; Vice President—Oscar McGuire; Secretary/Treasurer—Rita Haley; Assistant Secretary/Treasurer—Mary Brownlee; Chaplains—Wayne Watson and David Grant. This slate was duly elected by unanimous vote.

In other business, the list of singings for 2013 was revised and confirmed. There was discussion of whether the singings at Liberty Hill would be held in the church building or the community house. Those decisions were tabled until the Liberty Hill Historical Association could be contacted about availability of the community house on singing days. The treasurer presented her report. Last, some financial issues were addressed by the convention at the request of the Treasurer. The business session was adjourned.


Wesley Haley brought the class together by leading 73b. Leaders: Matt Hinton 138t, 460; John Plunkett 391, 297; Riley Lee 569b, 517; Robert Kelley 345b, 111t; Sandra Wilkinson 289, 418; Robert Chambless 452, 84; Andy Park 49 (t? b?), 45t.

Mary Brownlee spoke and led 66 in memory of the following deceased: Sally McEwen and Lonnie Rogers—Georgia.

Shannon Primm led 81t for the sick and shut-ins, which included Ellie Soler, Joyce Harrison, Violet Thomason, and Jeptha Brooks.

Leaders: Rita Haley, Levi Mullis, and Ellie Ruth Mullis 268, 269; Misty Mullis, Ellie Ruth Mullis, and Graydon Mullis 46, 340; Riley Lee and Nathan Rees (in honor of Raymond Hamrick, who was in attendance but did not wish to lead) 350.

After announcements, Rosemund Watson led 503 and 347. David Grant offered the closing prayer.

President—Bill Hollingsworth; Vice President—Oscar McGuire; Secretary—Rita Haley