Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Hoboken School Singing (Cooper Book)

Hoboken, Georgia

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The annual Sacred Harp singing held at Hoboken School was called to order by David Lee and Clarke Lee leading 68b and 331b. The opening prayer was offered by Gary Rogan.

The following officers were elected or appointed to serve: Chairmen—David Lee and Clarke Lee; Secretary—Amy Lee.

Leaders: Kathy Lee and Julie Lee 138t, 558; Amy Lee 59; Lee Bradley 559; John Gentry 96; Trevor East 47t; Macy Crawford 264b; Judith Parker 40; Robyn Crawford 344; Frank DeBolt 283t; James Williamson 505; Frank Strickland 410; Ray Rechenberg and Karen Clark 430; Ashley Thompson 511t; Fred Hoerr 38b.


Riley Lee led 170 to bring the class to order. Leaders: Les Singleton 63; Buck Lea 193; Steven Taylor 155; Jennifer Hedrich 336t; Tollie Lee 84; Ina Shea 416t; Anna Pfau 573; Corrone Bryant 49b; Amy Steuver family 393b; Sharon Kermiet 95b; Tony Batten and Lynn Batten 488b; Beverly Coates 385t; Daniel Hunter 448; Hayden Arp 408; Tor Bejnar 401.


The class was brought back together by Mary Elizabeth O’Neal leading 145b. David Lee led the memorial lesson, and Clarke Lee closed the memorial service with prayer.

Leaders: Phil Summerlin 571; Gillian Inksetter 78; Phillipa Stoddard 101b; David Wright 378b; Catherine Rogan 276; John Kelso 165; Matt Bell 377b; Alexa Copeland and Will Gilman 69; Kelly Kennedy 30b; Jeb Owen 68t; Elizabeth Stoddard 341; Chris Holley and Kathe Pilibosian 133.


Clarke Lee led 106 to begin the afternoon session. Leaders: Gary Rogan 511b; Dusty McCullough 438t; Jesse Roberts 575; Karen Willard 552; Jesse Karlsberg 497; Reba Windom 478; Gavin Baxley 364; David Lee family 500; Nathan Berry 144; Nicoletta Rogers 567; Cooper Smith 348t; Claudene Townson, Larry Wootten, and Syble Adams 572; Micah Roberts 239; Vivian Rogan 508; Ben Cocchiaro 182; Tommy Spurlock 140; Robert Stoddard 400; Bruce Coates 507b; Johnny Lee family 46.


Trevor East led 76b. Leaders: Morgan Bunch and Sue Bunch 392; Shane O’Neal and Mary Elizabeth O’Neal 67, 47b; Laura Densmore 527; Melissa Kelley 380t; Donna Smith 142; Jesse Roberts family 192; Maurice Taylor 484; Lauren Bock 98; Karen Clark and Tommie Spurlock 499; Stanley Smith and Laura Densmore 210; Riley Lee 563; Karen Martin and cousins 463.

Announcements were made. David Lee and Riley Lee led 207 as the closing song. The closing prayer was offered by Shane O’Neal.

Chairmen—David Lee and Clarke Lee; Secretary—Amy Lee