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Pacific Northwest Convention - Oregon

Sellwood Community Center, Portland, Oregon

October 14-15, 2000

Saturday, October 14

The eighth annual session of the Oregon portion of the Pacific Northwest Convention was held on Saturday before the third Sunday in October. Chairman Peter Irvine convened the class at 9:30 a.m. leading song on page 59 and then led the opening prayer.

Officers and committees for the convention are as follows: Chairman—Peter Irvine; Vice Chairman—David Hough; Treasurer—Katharine Hough; Secretary—Marie Zaworski; Arranging Committee—Suzanne Denker, Jean Murphy, Jill Accetta, and Bruce Rowland; Registration—Marie Zaworski, James Brock, Kate Moore, Karen Willard, David Zaworski, and Katharine Hough; Finance—Katharine Hough and Meg Larson; Chaplains—Sharla Hulsey and David Zaworski; Food—Anna Maria Nygren; Housing—Kate Moore.

Peter Irvine introduced his good friend, Tim Eriksen, who led a singing school until noon. Tim Eriksen generously shared his knowledge of Sacred Harp history and his love of its spirit and traditions and graciously spent the week prior to the convention in the Pacific Northwest leading workshops for Sacred Harp singing.

Pastor Sharla Hulsey asked the blessing upon the food, and the class was recessed.


The afternoon session began with Bruce Rowland leading song on page 75. Leaders: David Hough 32t; Marie Zaworski 37b; Katharine Hough 496; Peter Irvine 144; Joanne Hoover 196; Jack Lofton 200; James Brock 120; Sally House 503; Caleb Hardy 268; Hugh McGuire 394; Kitty Kagay 477; Karen Willard 497; Reed Schilbach 324; Tim Eriksen 47b; David Wright 442; Tom Payne 73t; Kshama Ananthapura 270; Sharla Hulsey 148; Audrey Karabinus 159; Kate Moore 551; Anne Huckins 344; Fran Ross 178.


Karen Willard called the class back leading song on page 175. Leaders: Ken Cofield 66; John Carson 290; Hardin King 72b; Jean Murphy 455; Kathy Vlach 143; David Jensen 86; Bruce Rowland 532; Tom Payne 108b; Sally House 31t; David Hough 137; Caleb Hardy 117; Tim Eriksen 236; Marie Zaworski 515b; Kshama Ananthapura 282; Phill Wisor 49b; Joanne Hoover 475; Kitty Kagay 74b; Katherine Hough 408; Peter Irvine 340; Jack Lofton 198; James Brock 350; Hugh McGuire 95; Peter Irvine 171.

Announcements were made and the class was dismissed.

Saturday evening there was an informal singing from the Cooper Book at the home of Marie and David Zaworski. About 30 singers attended.

Sunday, October 15

The Sunday morning session was called to order by Tim Eriksen leading song on page 448b. Pastor Sharla Hulsey led the opening prayer. Leaders: Karen Willard 82t; Phill Wisor 319; Joanne Hoover 142; Peter Irvine 56b; Katharine Hough 569b; James Brock 145b; Kitty Kagay 216; Jack Lofton 163t; Marie Zaworski 36b; Hugh McGuire 352; Kathy Vlach 280; Bruce Rowland 282; David Hough 384; Sharla Hulsey 35; Ken Cofield 269; Pat Nida 76b; Anna Maria Nygren 34b; John Carson 38b; Reed Schilbach 61; David Landazuri 85; Audrey Karabinus 331; Anne Huckins 163b; Fran Ross 380.


Ken Cofield called the class back to order leading song on page 47. Leaders: Jane Grant 361; David Wright 230; Hardin King 45t; Kate Moore 268; Leigh Van Sickle 40; Sally House 178; Kshama Ananthapura 33b; Tim Eriksen 448t; Karen Willard 547; John Kellermann 77t; Phill Wisor 179; Joanne Hoover 81t.

The memorial lesson was presented at this time. Peter Irvine called to mind those people who were not able to attend because of illness or any other reason; read the list of names; and led song on page 75 in their honor. Those remembered were: Ruth Larkin, Celia Olson, Muzetta Backus, and Virginia Tylor—Oregon; Arvid Denker—Washington; Barbara Wipfler and Martha Taylor—California; Thurman Nall—Alabama; James Flood—Mississippi.

Peter Irvine and Tim Eriksen talked about the important relationships and deep level of connections made by attending other singings and getting to know singers from other areas.

Tim Eriksen read the names of those who have passed away: James Luoto, Richard Cooney, Al Clementson, Pat Wells, and Bob Larkin—Oregon; Ron Lang—Washington; Fran Johnson and H.B. Johnson—New Mexico; Dario Landazuri and Ursula Rauskolb—California; Lucille Lembke—Minnesota; Freeman Davidson—Kansas; Marie Aldridge, Virgil Phillips, Eugene Wakefield, Ruby Phillips, Herbert Phillips, Willie Mosley, Horace Batchelor, and Alice Williams—Alabama; Allene Stanford and Dollie Hudgins—Georgia; David Ferrall—Florida; Susan Garber—Connecticut; Katharine Brooks—Massachusetts; Karen House—New York.

Tim Eriksen introduced Sally House, mother of Karen House, who read a statement about her daughter. Her comments concluded with the thought that our loved ones are often the “fa” in our lives-that living without them is like living without a foundation-but coming together in singing fills in the “fa” and helps to heal our grief. Karen’s father, Reese, then joined Sally in the center of the square, and Tim Eriksen led song on page 318. Over thirty people from the community came to support Karen’s mother and father during this memorial lesson in their daughter’s memory. The memorial lesson was closed.

Kshama Ananthapura led song on page 277. Pastor David Zaworski offered a blessing for the gathering and the noon meal.


The afternoon session was brought to order by Phill Wisor leading song on page 495. Leaders: Katharine Hough 217; James Brock 144; Kitty Kagay 383; Jack Lofton 53; Marie Zaworski 112; Hugh McGuire 302; Kathy Vlach 122; Jean Murphy 189; Bruce Rowland 99; Katharine Hough 378b; David Hough 566; Sharla Hulsey 535; Jill Accetta 64; Ken Cofield 276; Anna Maria Nygren 37b; Pat Nida 72; John Carson 278b; Reed Schilbach 312b; David Landazuri 299; Audrey Karabinus 369.

The convention then went into a business session to hear committee reports.

Treasurer Katharine Hough reported that due to generous giving both days, the expenses of the convention had been met.

Resolutions Committee Report: This convention recognizes and gives thanks to:

(1) Almighty God who brought us here safely to sing our praises to Him; and everyone who traveled far and near to lend their voices to this convention;

(2) All officers of the convention who gave of their time and energy to make this convention a success;

(3) Those who brought, cooked, arranged, or provided food;

(4) Those who arranged or provided housing for all of the out-of-town singers who chose to stay in homes;

(5) The Joe Beasley Memorial Fund. This fund contributed to the costs of putting on three of the Sacred Harp workshops leading up to the convention, including two events in Portland (one for home-schooled children and one at Humboldt Elementary School) and one event in Enterprise, Oregon;

(6) Those who offered a prayer and assisted in anyway;

(7) Marie and David Zaworski for opening their home on Saturday night for more singing.

It was further reported that during the two days of the convention 101 people from six different states were registered. Forty leaders led 122 songs. Announcements of other singings were made. The business session was closed.


Hugh McGuire called the class back to order leading song on page 123t. Leaders: Anne Huckins 313b; Fran Ross 551; David Jensen 263; Suzanne Denker 504; Jane Grant 147t; David Wright 542; Hardin King 457; Kate Moore 107; Leigh Van Sickle 114; Sally House 347; Peter Irvine 228; Phill Wisor 300; Tim Eriksen 203; Kitty Kagay 101.

Chairman Peter Irvine led song on page 62 as the closing song, and all that wished took the parting hand. Tim Eriksen led the closing prayer, and the class was dismissed.

Chairman—Peter Irvine; Vice Chairman—David Hough; Treasurer—Katherine Hough; Secretary—Marie Zaworski.