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Smith County Sacred Harp Singing Convention (Cooper Book)

New Harmony Community Center, New Harmony, Texas

March 11-12, 2000

Saturday, March 11

The twentieth session of the Smith County Sacred Harp Singing Convention was called to order by President Myrl Jones leading song on page 270. Myrl Jones stated that the office of Chaplain had been vacant for several years and that she had asked Dallas Smith if he would serve as Chaplain for the Convention. Dallas Smith welcomed all singers and quoted a scripture before offering the opening prayer. Myrl Jones appointed Tammy Powell and Cheryl Foreman to serve as the Arranging Committee. Myrl Jones led song on page 277 followed by the officers of the convention leading one song each: Vice President Gaylon Powell 559; and Treasurer Melba Sue Utz 404.

Leaders: Kelly Beard 377, 112; Curtis Owen 101t, 137; Edith Owen 489, 508; Ernestine Pipkin 82, 88b; Dale Redmon, Jr. 274, 549; Phyllis Costner 168, 189; Gary Rogan 276, 54t; Marion Grant 48t, 49t; Bruce Coates 312, 558; Avon Miller 477, 202.


Gaylon Powell called the class to order leading song on page 36b. Leaders: Beverly Coates 186, 567; John Beard 434, 282; Marcelene Hardy 172, 192; Myra Palmer 497, 522; Michelle Rogan 196, 31t; Reed Coates 392, 224; Vivian Rogan 68t, 128; Josh Rogan 398b, 411.

Myrl Jones appointed the following committees: Memorial Committee—Gaylon Powell, Myra Palmer, and Olivia Powell; Nominating Committee—Marcelene Hardy, Azalee Barnett, and Kevin Powell. Dallas Smith welcomed all the singers to the convention and gave the prayer for lunch.


Myrl Jones called the afternoon session to order leading song on page 142. Leaders: Kevin Powell 331b, 240; Leon Ballinger 120, 384; Scott Curran 571, 450; Cheryl Foreman 77t, 159; Amanda Blevins 170, 40; John Morris 41, 38t; Jeb Owen 176t, 99; Liz Rogan 220, 442; Olivia Powell 171, 235; Monnie Ross 335, 47t; Margaret Roundsaval 222, 61.

Myrl Jones called the business meeting to order. A motion was made and carried to put the minutes of this singing into the national “Sacred Harp Singings, Minutes and Directory”. The Treasurer gave a financial report, and the Nominating Committee gave their nominations of officers for the next year. Gaylon Powell would move from Vice President to President; Vice President—Scott Curran; Treasurer—Melba Sue Utz; Secretary—Tammy Powell; Chaplain—Dallas Smith. A motion was made and carried to accept these officers.


Gaylon Powell called the class to order leading song on page 313. Leaders: David Rousseau 58, 84; Pauline Willis 572, 573; Mary Bachmann 132, 341; Robert Handel 575, 488t; Thomas Smith 304, 127; Azalee Barnett 447t, 45t; Judy Hughes 516, 130; Sue Utz 174, 475; Neal Vaught 492, 107t; Dustin Roundsaval 505, 500; Michelle Rogan 110; Reed Coates 217; Josh Rogan 300; Jeb Owen 559 (by request).

Myrl Jones made closing remarks and led song on page 507b as the closing song. Curtis Owen dismissed the class with prayer.

Sunday, March 12

Myrl Jones called the Sunday morning session to order leading song on page 332. Gaylon Powell offered the morning prayer.

Leaders: Myrl Jones 129; Gaylon Powell 312, 183; Olivia Powell 40, 450; Cheryl Foreman 53, 106; Lawson Smith 142, 108b; Amanda Blevins 85, 508; Scott Curran 112, 186; Dustin Roundsaval 299, 522; Kevin Powell 543, 200; Liz Rogan 82, 216; Jeb Owen 230, 381; John Morris 574, 290.


Gaylon Powell called the convention back to order leading song on page 100. Leaders: Marcelene Hardy 189, 172; Mary Bachmann 393t, 43; Azalee Barnett 572, 384; Sharon Stephenson 563, 571; Robert Handel 140, 536; Thomas Smith 192, 235; Dustin Roundsaval 128, 137; Liz Rogan 376, 148; Amanda Blevins 39, 358; John Morris 98, 119; Cheryl Foreman 324, 470.

Memorial Service—Olivia Powell read the names of the deceased and led song on page 274 for: Ed Craig, Joe Nelson, and Gordon Fisher—Texas; Terry Davis—Virginia. Gaylon Powell read a poem about heaven and led song on page 430.

Azalee Barnett read the names of the sick and shut-ins and led song on page 45t. Those remembered: Verna Powell, Mildred Edmonds, B.E. Matthews, Ophelia Matthews, Yvonne Davis, Georgia Kanode, Mrs. Charlie Vaughn, Annie Mae Smith, Jr., Alcie Craig, and Marie Smith. Chaplain Dallas Smith led the prayer for the noon meal.


Myrl Jones called the afternoon session to order leading song on page 361. Leaders: Olivia Powell 276, 277; Jeb Owen 36b, 336; Kevin Powell 532, 74b; Scott Curran 290, 171; Azalee Barnett 447t; Mary Bachmann 410, 568; Robert Handel 268b, 395; Thomas Smith 288, 282; Gaylon Powell 131, 406; Pauline Willis 171, 100; Sue Utz 335, 540; Dustin Roundsaval 61; Cheryl Foreman 83t; Amanda Blevins 168; Scott Curran 47t; Kevin Powell and Olivia Powell 300; Liz Rogan and Jeb Owen 47b.

Myrl Jones led song on page 69 as the closing song to end the convention. Chaplain Dallas Smith dismissed the class with prayer.

President—Gaylon Powell; Vice President—Scott Curran; Secretary—Tammy Powell.