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Connecticut Convention of the Sacred Harp

12th Session

July 9, 1995

The Convention was preceded by a day of informal singing on Saturday, July 8. Chairman, Susan Garber, began the Sunday session at 10:10 a.m. by leading JEFFERSON (148). An opening prayer was led by Chaplain, George Seiler. Election of officers was held. Ginny Ely nominated Susan Garber for the office of Chairman. The nominations were closed and Susan was unanimously elected. Susan Garber nominated Peter Hanson for Vice Chairman, Sue Tarshis for Secretary, and Jean Seiler and Richard Schmeidler for Arrangements Committee. All of these individuals agreed to take on the jobs for which they were nominated. Vice Chairman, Peter Hansen, selected BOYLSTON (147) which was led by Ginny Ely. The convention participants decided that each leader would lead two songs. Peter Hanson then selected SAINTS BOUND FOR HEAVEN (35) which was led by Ginny Ely. Secretary, Susan Tarshis, selected HALLELUJAH (146) which was led by Jean Seiler. Next Susan Tarshis selected BRIDGEWATER (276) which was led by Paula McGray. Jean Seiler or Richard Schmeidler called leaders from the leader list as follows: Guy Banks-HOLCOMBE (77b), SWANTON (352); George Seiler-COBB (313b), CHESTER (479); Richard Schmeidler-AMSTERDAM (84), MOUNT DESERT (474); Paula McGray-OLNEY (135), VALE OF SORROW (83t); Paul Gauthier-THE HILL OF ZION (565), INVOCATION (492); Barbara Swetman-SAINT’S DELIGHT (114), AKIN (472); Susan Mampre-GARDEN HYMN (284), CUMBERLAND (25) in “Harper’s Companion”; Glen Wright-MILLBROOK (40) in “Harper’s Companion”, SHARON (212). Chairman Susan Garber called for a 10 minute break at 11:20 a.m.


Susan Garber led a song to call everyone back . Susan Garber-MURILLO’S LESSON (358); Jean Seiler-DEVOTION (48t), EDOM (200); Diane Mennella-MARLBOROUGH (228); Dinah Kudatsky-MORTALITY (50), DAVID’S LAMENTATION (268); Eric Johnson-CHRISTIAN’S FARWELL (347), WONDROUS LOVE (159); Guy Banks-NATIVITY (350), NOVAKOSKI (481). Chairman Susan Garber called for a one hour lunch break at 12:05 p.m. Chaplain George Seiler said the blessing.


Vice Chairman Peter Hansen called singers back at 1:10 p.m. by leading MORNING TRUMPET (85). He then chose SWEET CANAAN (87) which was led by Ginny Ely. Peter Hanson asked for a collection to be taken to help defray expenses. The convention participants decided to hold a memorial service, and Ginny Ely agreed to conduct that service. A list was left on the table so that participants could record names during the next break of those who had died within the past year and names of those who are sick and shut-in. Leaders: Ginny Ely-DETROIT (39t), SOUNDING JOY (391); George Seiler-POLAND (86), NORTHFIELD (155); Jean Seiler-AFRICA (178), SOAR AWAY (455); Paula McGray-PROSPECT (30b); Paul Gauthier-TO DIE NO MORE (111b), HEAVENLY DOVE (371); Barbara Swetman-MORNING (163t), ALABAMA (196); Susan Mampre-SHEPHERD (14) in “Harper’s Companion”, DAVID (2) in “Harper’s Companion”; Glen Wright-WATERTON (9) in “Harper’s Companion”, THANKFUL HEART (475); Diane Menella-HEAVENLY UNION (484), BOUND FOR CANAAN (82t); Dinah Kudatsky-CALVARY (300); Ginny Ely-PRAISE GOD (328), HOMEWARD BOUND (373).


Chairman Susan Garber called us back with a song which she dedicated to the Nepalese soccer player from the Special Olympics who lost his life in Long Island Sound and to her cousin who is fighting his own battle in the hospital at this time. Susan Garber-VIRGINIA (191). Ginny Ely conducted the Memorial Service. She read the following list of those who had died within the past year: Debbie Burton, Carl Hildebrandt, Edward Swetman, Sr., Joan Townson, Bob Lewis, and Stephen Haseltine. Ginny Ely then led ALL IS WELL (122) in memory of those individuals. Ginny read the following names of those not able to be with us because they are sick or shut-in: Karen Snowberg, Helen Kudatsky, and Fran Druke. Ginny Ely led ODEM (340) for these. The Memorial Service was brought to a close. The leader list was read by either Jean Seiler or Richard Schmeidler as follows: Richard Schmeidler-JORDAN (66), CAMBRIDGE (287); Guy Banks-CHINA (163b), PHILLIPS FAREWELL (549); George Seiler-PRIMROSE (47t), GREENWICH (183); Paula McGray-NEW BRITAIN (45t), SARDIS (460); Paul Gauthier-WORLD UNKNOWN (428), JEWETT (105); Diane Mennella-LET US SING (46); Ginny Ely-SHOWERS OF BLESSINGS (528), THE BETTER LAND (454); Susan Mampre-FULFILLMENT (102), NATICK (497); Glen Wright-WESTFORD (280), REDEMPTION (480). A break was called to allow time for refreshments.


Chairman Susan Garber led a song to reassemble the singers. Susan Garber-BALLSTOWN (217); Richard Schmeidler-ST. THOMAS (34b), RAINBOW (344); Jean Seiler-NEW JERUSALEM (299), EVENING SHADE (209); Guy Banks-SHAWMUT (535), WELLS (28b); George Seiler-MEAR (49b); Paul Gauthier-ANTIOCH (277), SACRED THRONE (569b); Diane Mennella-NORTHPORT (324); Susan Garber-NEWBURGH (182); Susan Tarshis-RUSSIA (107); Joe Fennelly-WHITE (288). George Seiler expressed thanks to all who came and particularly the officers and those who made arrangements. He thanked Secretary Sue Tarshis, Vice Chairman Peter Hanson, the arranging committee members Jean Seiler and Richard Schmeidler. A special thank you was given to Dorothy Garber and Cynthia Hanson who helped to feed us all. George Seiler also conveyed special thanks to Susan Garber for chairing the convention and making it happen. Susan Garber gave a hearty second to all of the thanks. She was particularly grateful for all of the help her mother received in taking care of the food arrangements. Susan Garber led the traditional PARTING HAND (62) in closing. A closing prayer was led by Chaplain George Seiler. The 14th annual Connecticut Convention of the Sacred Harp ended at 4:30 p.m.

Chairman—Susan Garber; Vice Chairman—Peter Hanson; Secretary—Sue Tarshis.