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Pacific Northwest Convention - Washington

Sunset Hill Community Club, Seattle, Washington

February 26-27, 2000

Saturday, February 26

All songs on Saturday were selections from “The B.F. White Sacred Harp, Revised Cooper Book Edition”.

The ninth annual session of the Washington portion of the Pacific Northwest Convention began on Saturday at 9:30 a.m. The class was called to order by Chairman David Hough leading song on page 47t. The opening prayer was given by Joanne Hoover.

A brief business session was held and affirmed current officers in their positions for another year.

Karen Willard introduced Stanley Smith of Ozark, Alabama, the music editor for the 1992 edition of “The B. F. White Sacred Harp, Cooper Revision.” Mr. Smith gave a brief history of this songbook’s descent from the 1844 Sacred Harp, as well as stories of Mr. Cooper, and of the following songs, which Mr. Smith led the class in singing: 391, 503, 229, 138, 411, 559, 497, and 567.

Kathy Erlandson gave the blessing as the class dismissed for dinner.


David Hough formally assembled the class for an afternoon of singing leading song on page 32t. Leaders: Peter Irvine 543; Susan Helf 571; Charles Scudder 518; Katharine Hough 478; Hugh McGuire 346; Carla Smith 38t; Tom Yeager 47b; Jenny Willard 140; Johnny Lee 511; Martha Applegate 32t; Keith Willard 416t; Frances Mendenhall 186; Tom Payne 494; Fran Ross 106; Jim Brock 334; Norm Boynton 45t; Mryka Hall-Beyer 393.


Joanne Hoover brought the class back to order with song on page 72. Leaders: Bruce Rowland 572; Marie Brandis 500; Jerry Schreiber 522; Karen Stingle 371; Kathy Vlach 336b; Jack Lofton 335; Jenny Willard 199; Hugh McGuire 78; Karen Willard 163b; Peter Irvine 203; Charles Scudder 38b; Jinx McGuire 171; Keith Willard 505; Reed Schilbach 324; Johnny Lee 41; Polly Ogden 63; Jim Van Horn 521; David Hough 54.

Announcements were made. Chairman David Hough led song on page 147 as the closing song, and the closing prayer was offered by Kathy Erlandson.

Sunday, February 27

The Sacred Harp, 1991 Edition” was the only book used on Sunday.

David Hough called the class together at 9:30 a.m. leading song on page 59. Chaplain Jim Friedrich led the opening prayer. Leaders: Anne Huckins 276; Ken Cofield 49b; Shannon McGuire 84; John Carson 290; Betty Jones 145t; Jim Friedrich 532; Jane Grant 344; Gary Plouff 123b; Darlene Simpson-Brown 503b; Gerry Currins 268; Jan Evans 178; Will Marcotte 114; Elizabeth Riggs 479; Patrick Rice 91; Jenny Sterne 353; Bruce Rowland 568.


David Landazuri brought the class back to order with song on page 146. Leaders: Laura Lovell 198; Karen Stingle 551; Marcia Herivel 122; Jill Accetta 388; Marie Brandis 384; Martha Smith 361; Johnny Lee 68b; Marsha Stedman 200; Bruce MacDonald 163; Marilyn Murata 277; Stanley Smith 151.

Memorial Lesson: Johnny Lee spoke movingly of the importance of remembering one another in this fashion.

Shannon McGuire led 566 for the following sick and shut-Ins: Lucille Lembke, Dan Schiavone, Karin Karangelen, Mildred Smith, Howard Jarrell, Sue Dierks, Ursula Rauskolb, Muriel Plouff, Sharon Nygren, Bob Northrop, Imants Reba, and Jan Johnson.

Johnny Lee spoke again and then Shannon McGuire led 31t for the following deceased: Ron Lang, Glenn Hinsdale, Elizabeth Hinsdale, Dean Mescoe, Earl Adams, Ethyl McGuire Andrews, Tom Hudson, and Kenneth Kirkland—Washington; Dario Landazuri, Don Jolly, Wilma Fenderson Hastings, Sam Croft, and S. Rodman—California; Frank Soifer, Joe Smith, and Maxine Harmon—Oregon; Dodge Wiggins—New Mexico; Susan Fishburn—Iowa; Kenneth Recher—Indiana; J. Gordon Gilkey—Georgia; Stanley Slivinski, Claudia “Skippy” Slivinski, Barb Mowbray, and Stas Karnitsky—states unknown. Stanley Smith closed the memorial lesson with prayer.

Leaders: Jerry Schreiber 369; Reed Schilbach 61; Audrey Karabinus 542; Jean Marcotte 66; Hugh McGuire 375; Mryka Hall-Beyer 236; Jim Brock 350. Jim Friedrich gave the blessing as we adjourned for dinner.


Katharine Hough called the class back to order leading song on page 569. Leaders: Tom Payne 173; Raoul Titus 410t; Carla Smith 528; Fran Ross 258; Peter Irvine 260; Dave Hough 496; Jack Lofton 497; Polly Ogden 328; Keith Willard 144; Susan Helf 163b; Jacob Priestly 455.


Joanne Hoover called the class back with song on page 40. Leaders: Jenny Willard 318; Karen Schaffer 128; Jan Maher 377; Carolyn Gilkey 71; Karen Willard 547; Sharla Hulsey 35; Frances Mendenhall 344; Paul Robinson 365; Martha Applegate 504; Johnny Lee 565; Kathy Vlach 143; Charles Scudder 86; Anne Huckins 474; Stanley Smith 454; Joanne Hoover 362; Jim Friedrich 56b; Darlene Simpson-Brown 176; Ken Cofield 159; Hugh McGuire 434; John Carson 38b; Shannon McGuire 188; Peter Irvine 282.

Business session: The Treasurer reported that all expenses had been met; the headcounters reported convention attendance as follows: Washington 67; Oregon 24; California 7; Georgia 2; Minnesota 2; Nebraska 2; and 1 each from Michigan, Utah, Alabama, and Alberta, Canada.

Carla Smith and Anne Huckins of the Resolutions Committee thanked all who had worked so hard to make this convention a success, and special thanks were tendered to Stanley Smith for his wonderful singing school.

Chairman David Hough led song on page 62 as the closing song, inviting all who wished to take the parting hand. Jim Friedrich dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—David Hough; Treasurer—Katharine Hough; Secretary—Karen Willard.