Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Louisiana State Sacred Harp Convention

Bethel Primitive Baptist Church, Baton Rouge, Louisiana

October 2, 1999

The tenth annual singing was called to order with an opening prayer led by Harry Eskew. Jim Fields gave a short singing lesson and led songs on pages 63 and 267. Nancy Van Den Akker led songs on pages 445 and 105; Harry Eskew 31t, 146.

A business session was held with the class voting to retain the following officers: Chairman—Jim Fields; Vice Chairman—Wallace McKenzie; Secretary—Nancy Van Den Akker.

Leaders: Kari Lundgren 147t, 155; Elizabeth Muhleisen 350, 168; Ginnie Fields 354b, 45t.


The singing resumed with the following leaders called: John Kanode 128, 358; Annie Rivera 49t; John J. Johnson 59, 33 (t? b?); Bill Hogan 183, 198; Wanda Gregg 40, 34b; Regina Glass 495; Jessica McMillan 145t. John Merritt asked the blessing on the food.


The afternoon of singing began with the following leaders called: Ed Steele 159; A.E. Probst 178, 66; Yong Jin Park 312b; Jan Herlinger 49b, 35; Christopher Reed 81t; Charles Franklin 480, 348b; John Merritt 426t.

John J. Johnson opened the memorial lesson with prayer. The deceased, along with the sick and shut-ins, were remembered. Harry Eskew led song on page 85 for the deceased, and the memorial was closed.

Leaders: Brenda Merritt 76b, 269; Judd Greer 156, 475; Neal Castleberry 30t, 503; Brad Pope 236, 417; Jim Fields and Rolando Vargas 482; Bill Hogan and Junghea Baik 46; Regina Glass and Hyun Jyung Kim 47t, 47b; Robert Jahncke 143; Brad Pope 89; John Merritt 268; Wanda Gregg 408; Harry Eskew 155; Bill Hogan 171; John Kanode 105; Brenda Merritt 203; John J. Johnson 26.

Announcements were made. John Merritt led the “drone” as the closing song. Elder Randall Myers dismissed the class with prayer.

Chairman—Jim Fields; Vice Chairman—Wallace McKenzie; Secretary—Nancy Van Den Akker.