Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Furman University Sacred Harp and
Christian Harmony Singing

Danielson Recital Hall, Greenville, South Carolina

May 22, 1999

Note: Christian Harmony page numbers are indicated as being from the North Carolina book (CH-NC) or the Alabama book (CH-AL); if the same page in both, they are shown only as (CH). All other numbers are from The Sacred Harp.

The second session of the Furman University Singing was called to order by organizer Jean Osteen and opened by Leon Carnell leading songs on pages 40 and 47b. Chairman Frances Carnell led song on page 360. Hugh McGraw led the congregation in the opening prayer.

The following officers were appointed to serve: Secretary—Lee Rogers; Arranging Committee—Judy Mincey.

Leaders: Frances Carnell 503; Hugh McGraw 32t; Judy Mincey 116 (CH-NC), 50b; Lee Rogers 99, 373; Chris Berg 47t, 49b; Deborah Jones 159, 480; William Burns 59, 117 (CH); Diane Eskenasy 89 (CH), 51 (CH); Don Bowen 204t (CH-NC), 280t (CH); LeeAnn Carnell 328, 497.


Dan Huger brought the class back leading songs on pages 268 (CH) and 178. Leaders: Charlene Wallace 49t, 63; Henry Zittrouer 68b, 108t.


Judy Mincey opened the afternoon session leading song on page 270. Leaders: Lee Rogers 85 (CH-AL); Larry Beverridge 95b (CH); Scott Swanton 215 (CH), 95 (CH), 36; Frances Carnell 37b, 324; David Guthrie 117, 85; Deborah Jones 268, 454; William Burns 128, 79; Diane Eskenasy and Tim Aldrich 240 (CH), 140 (CH); Don Bowen 171, 82t.


LeeAnn Carnell brought the class back leading songs on pages 569b and 504. Leaders: Dan Huger 258 (CH), 208 (CH); Jaqui Owen 452b, 45t; Henry Zittrouer 87, 127; Larry Beverridge 255t (CH), 88 (CH). Hymn on page 62 was used as the closing song and Henry Zittrouer dismissed the class with prayer.

Note: Next year we will bring food for a potluck lunch.

Chairman—Frances Carnell; Secretary—Lee Rogers.