Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Shape Note Singing

Harrods Creek Baptist Church, Brownsboro, Kentucky

April 24-25, 1999

Saturday, April 24

The ninth session of the Shape Note Singing was held at Harrod’s Creek Baptist Church on the fourth Sunday and Saturday before in April. The class was called to order at 9:30 a.m.

Leaders: Tollie Lee 118 (SoH); Dick Dunagan 89 (SoH); John Bealle 6b (SoH); Becky Browne 276; Jerry Enright 72t (SoH); Janet Fraembs 91; Debbie Hall 497; Connie Karduck 171; Jeanette Lowry 270; Merle Mateika 68b; Berkley Moore 83 (SoH); Bud Oliver 39b; Milton Oliver and Pauline Oliver 119; James Page (original composition); Joseph Pimentel 155; Esther Rothenbusch 40 (SoH).


Bob Meek called the class to order leading song on page 63 (SoH). Leaders: William Shetter 38 (SoH); Lee Steinmetz 163b; Fred Todt 203; Val Dunagan 78 (SoH); Joyce Brown 495; Scot Oliver 40; Eloise Clark 300; Sandy Schultheis 480; Karen Hojnacki 145t; Marilyn Burchett 29; Blake Morris (original composition); Tollie Lee 89t (SoH); Dick Dunagan 322 (SoH); John Bealle 448; Becky Browne 217; Jerry Enright 92t; Janet Fraembs 440; Debbie Hall 344; Connie Karduck 299; Jeanette Lowry 168; Merle Mateika 236; Bud Oliver 47t.


Bob Meek brought the class to order leading song on page 66. Leaders: Milton Oliver 321b; James Page (original composition); Hugh McElrath 35; Mary Brinkman 159; Marlen Rust 290; Joseph Pimentel 107; Esther Rothenbusch 143; William Shetter 265 (SoH); Lee Steinmetz 250; Fred Todt 176 (SoH); Val Dunagan 16 (SoH); Joyce Brown 178; Scot Oliver 145b; John Bayer 53; David Rust 201b; Ruth Garza 312b; Sandie Scott 268; Eloise Clark 192; Sandy Schultheis 101; Karen Hojnacki 198; Marilyn Burchett 324; Berkley Moore 209; Blake Morris (original composition).

Laura Chipe led song on page 334 (SoH) as the closing song. The class was dismissed.

Sunday, April 25

The class was called to order by Bob Meek leading song on page 59. Leaders: Dick Dunagan 81 (CB); Jerry Enright 416 (CB); Janet Fraembs 133; Connie Karduck 475; Jeanette Lowry 411; Merle Mateika 31; Bud Oliver 563 (CB); Tollie Lee 285 (CB); Milton Oliver and Scot Oliver 505 (CB); James Page 98 (CB); Regina Bayer 84 (CB); William Shetter 171; Marlen Rust 66; Lee Steinmetz 500 (CB).


Karen Hojnacki brought the class to order leading song on page 504. Leaders: Marilyn Burchett 154; Sandie Scott 117; Fred Todt 200; Isaac Ho 125; Val Dunagan 137 (CB); David Rust 123b; Tollie Lee and Ramona Lee 367 (CB); Blake Morris 297; Ruth Garza and Brenda Waters 68b; Debbie Hall 474.

A memorial lesson was held by Karen Hojnacki and Dough Trent for the deceased who have passed away within the last year. Also remembered were the sick and shut-ins.

Leaders: Berkley Moore 393 (CB); Denise Morris 48t; Becky Browne 566; Dick Dunagan 344; Jerry Enright 272; Janet Fraembs 532.


Bob Meek called the class to order with song on 488 (CB). Leaders: Connie Karduck 122; Jeanette Lowry 148; Merle Meteika 361; Tollie Lee 155; John Bayer 411 (CB); James Page 163 (CB); William Shetter 454; Regina Bayer 408 (CB); Michele Cull 63; Bud Oliver 559 (CB); Val Dunagan 294; Marlen Rust 107; Karen Hojnacki 571.


Bob Meek brought the class to order leading song on page 38t (CB). Leaders: Tollie Lee 180 (CB); Marilyn Burchett 551; Sandie Scott 502 (CB); Fred Todt 569; David Rust 183; Ramona Lee 527 (CB); Blake Morris 433.

Bob Meek led song on 146 as the closing song. The class was dismissed.

Chairman—Bob Meek; Secretary—Brenda Waters.