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Smith County Sacred Harp Singing Convention (Cooper Book)

New Harmony Community Center, New Harmony, Texas

March 13-14, 1999

Saturday, March 13

The nineteenth session of the Smith County Sacred Harp Singing Convention was called to order by President Myrl D. Jones leading song on page 332. Curtis Owen led the opening prayer. President Myrl Jones appointed Tammy Powell and Sarah Coates to act as the Arranging Committee for this year’s sessions.

Myrl Jones led song on 129, and was followed by the officers of the convention leading one song each: Vice President Tina Walston 571; Secretary Sharon Stephenson 573; Treasurer Marcelene Hardy 172.

The Arranging Committee called the following leaders to sing two songs each: Leon Ballinger 222, 64; Ralph Walston 401, 388; John Kanode 507b, 229; Esther Huckaby 270, 358 (for her daughter); Bruce Coates 343b, 553b; Ernestine Pipkin 497, 276; Robert Handle 159, 140; Reed Coates 215, 143; Kevin Powell 133, 216.

President Myrl Jones made appointments to the following committees: Memorial Committee—Tina Walston, Lawson Smith, and Leon Ballinger; Nominating Committee—Austin A. Smith, Jr., Azalee Barnett, and Melba Sue Utz; Registration—Nobie Smith; Housing—Melba Sue Utz.


Myrl Jones brought the session back to order by leading song on 277. Leaders: Cheryl Foreman 324, 68t; Lawson Smith 142, 108t; Margaret Rounsavall 112, 406; Mike Moseley 558, 285t; Pauline Willis 572, 171; Curtis Owen 149, 155; Beverly Coates 31b, 198; Kelly Beard 153, 31t; Olivia Blevins 235b, 274.

Due to the fact that our Chaplain elect, Dallas Smith, was ill and could not attend, the welcoming address was given by Margaret Rounsavall who is also a resident of the New Harmony community.

Leaders: Monnie Ross 49t, 47t; Myra Palmer 522, and the second verse of 522. Curtis Owen led the class in prayer for the noon meal.


The afternoon session was opened by Vice President Tina Walston leading song on page 45t. Leaders: Jeb Owen 442t, 559; John Morris 395b, 32t; David Moseley 434, 137; Edith Owen 410, 511b; Avon Miller 512, 527; Melba Sue Utz 335, 84; Gaylon Powell 478, 543b; Scott Curran 47b, 75; Azalee Barnett 447t, 384; Thomas Smith 189, 192; David Rousseau 87, 341; Austin A. Smith, Jr. 532, 67; Sarah Coates 99, 217.

The convention held its business meeting at this time. Old Business: The question was raised as to having our minutes printed in the National Sacred Harp Singings Book of Minutes and Directory. This was voted on and passed. The minutes of this singing will be printed in the before mentioned book. New Business: The President asked for the report of the Nominating Committee. The committee recommended the election of the following officers: President—Myrl D. Jones; Vice President—Gaylon Powell; Treasurer—Melba Sue Utz; Secretary—Tammy Powell; Placement Officers—Melba Sue Utz and Sharon Stephenson. A motion was made and seconded to elect these officers. The motion carried. Myrl Jones asked for the announcements of upcoming singings.


John Morris brought the session to order with song on 268t. Leaders: Bruce Coates 108t; Ernestine Pipkin 36b; Reed Coates 110; David Rousseau 179; Curtis Owen 489; Robert Handle 451b; Edith Owen 293b; Kelly Beard 89; Avon Miller 92; Leon Ballinger 299; Tina Walston 199; Ralph Walston 484b; Marcelene Hardy 170.

Myrl Jones led song on page 183 as the closing song. Leon Ballinger dismissed the class with prayer.

Sunday, March 14

The Sunday morning session began at 9:30 a.m. with Tina Walston leading song on page 61. Gaylon Powell led the class in the opening prayer. Leaders: Leon Ballinger 313 (for Nobie Smith), 470; Azalee Barnett 45t, 572; John Kanode 563, 63; Mary Bachmann 146 (for her boss’s mother), 225t; Monnie Ross 74b, 75; Cheryl Foreman 128, 106; Olivia Blevins 290, 58; Ralph Lee Walston 573, 500; John Morris 186, 319; Robert Walston 401, 388; Kevin Powell 331b, 163; Thomas Smith 127, 235.


Tina Walston brought the class to order leading song on pages 199 and 497. Leaders: Burl Russel 491, 164; Gaylon Powell 131t, 524; Lawson Smith 170, 155; David Moseley 348t, 522; Melba Sue Utz 475 (for her grandson, Richard Hale), 404 (for her granddaughter, Krystal Hale); Jeb Owen 450, 377b; Scott Curran 68t, 47t; Mike Moseley 376, 384.

The memorial service was held by Tina Walston. The names of the deceased remembered were: Louie Smith, Herbert Leopard, Wayne Chambers, Ann Arrington (Nobie Smith’s niece), Mrs. Herman Alders (Athens), and Raymond Bement (Sharon Stephenson and Tina Walston’s grandfather). Gaylon Powell led song on 176t. Leon Ballinger read the names of the sick and shut-ins: Joe Nelson, Ed Craig, Alcie Craig, Mildred Edmonds, Dallas Smith, Ada Fisher, Gordon Fisher, Verna Powell, Jean Ballinger, Annie Smith, and Herman Upchurch. Leon Ballinger led song on page 507b. The memorial was closed. John Morris offered prayer for the noon meal.


Treasurer Marcelene Hardy opened the afternoon session leading songs on pages 285t and 300. Leaders: Sharon Stephenson 571, 418; Austin A. Smith, Jr. 516, 144; Myrl Jones 142; Billy Walston 45t (one verse); John Morris 574; John Kanode 505; Monnie Ross 168; Olivia Blevins 40; Kevin Powell 132; Thomas Smith 189; Burl Russel 64; Gaylon Powell 200; Lawson Smith 298; David Moseley 381t; Melba Sue Utz 492; Jeb Owens 422b; Scott Curran 32t; Mary Bachmann 344; Mike Moseley 400; Azalee Barnett 534; Marcelene Hardy 112; Sharon Stephenson and Owen Kash Stephenson (twelve and a half months old), 222; Tina Walston 107.

President Myrl D. Jones led song on page 62 as the closing song. Jeb Owen dismissed the class with prayer.

We are sorry to see our Vice President, Tina Walston, go! Tina is moving to Kansas. We will greatly miss her and wish to thank her for two years of a job well done. Also, we would like to thank our exiting Treasurer, Marcelene Hardy, for her three years of service as well as Sharon Stephenson for her two years as our Secretary.

The slate of officers for the year 2000 are: President—Myrl D. Jones; Vice President—Gaylon Powell; Secretary—Tammy Powell; Treasurer—Melba Sue Utz.

President—Myrl D. Jones; Vice President—Tina Walston; Secretary—Sharon Stephenson.