Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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Fohs Hall Four Note Singing

Marion, Kentucky

January 23, 1999

The eighth annual Fohs Hall Four Note Singing was called to order at 9:30 a.m. with a welcome by Susan Alexander, Resident Director of the Fohs Hall Community Arts Foundation, sponsor of the singing. Robert Chandler led the congregation in prayer.

The first session was led by Wm. Ralph Paris with tunes selected from William Walker’s “The Southern Harmony”. He prefaced the class by a demonstration of William Walker’s method of keeping time using a plumb bob with knots at specified intervals. Leaders: Wm. Paris 103, 159b (for Nancy Paris); Tim Reynolds 166, 291t; Robert Chandler 89b, 8t; William Hunt 66; Marilyn Burchett 38,16; Wm. Paris 39t; Sandy Scott 213, 77; Roy Turrentine 112.


The second morning session was begun by Tim Reynolds with tunes from “The Sacred Harp”. He explained some differences between the Southern Harmony book and The Sacred Harp book. He also gave some information about Christian Harmony which is penned in seven shapes. Leaders: Tim Reynolds 84, 34b; Wm. Paris 479, 128; Robert Chandler 63, 72; John Ramsey 153, 155; Marilyn Burchett 335; Sandy Scott 168, 274t; Lois Ramsey 159; Faye Melton 81t, 274t; Paul Fourshee 452b, 36b.

Prayer led prior to noon meal by William Hunt.


Following the fine barbecue meal, the first afternoon session began with selections from the Southern Harmony. Leaders: Wm. Paris 192b, 189; John Ramsey 82; Wm. Paris 83; John Ramsey 13b (Kentucky Harmony); 28; Tim Reynolds 84t, 267b; Robert Chandler 275; Wm. Paris 71; Roy Turrentine 266, 35t; Nancy Paris 1, 3; Paul Fourshee 165t, 133; Wm. Paris 271b, 132.


The Sacred Harp was used for the final session. Leaders: Tim Reynolds 117, 278t; Sandy Scott 340, 68b; Paul Fourshee 178; Marilyn Burchett 154; John Ramsey 445; Tim Reynolds 300 (for Nancy Paris), 137,143 (for Roy Turrentine); John Ramsey 136; Wm. Paris 66; Tim Reynolds 29t; Wm. Paris 209 (for Nancy Paris).

Announcements of upcoming singings around the country were announced. The class was dismissed with prayer led by Bill Hunt.

Chairman—Wm. Ralph Paris; Secretary—Nancy Paris.