Minutes of Sacred Harp Singings

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New Year’s Day Cooper Book Singing

Pine Ridge Dunkard Brethren Church, Mt. Olive, Mississippi

January 2, 1999

The meeting was called to order by John Bayer leading song on page 49t. John Bayer offered the morning prayer.

The class was organized with the following officers elected or appointed to serve: Chairman—Andrew Albers; Vice Chairman—Bill Hogan; Secretary—Nancy Van Den Akker; Chaplain—John Bayer.

Leaders: Bill Hogan 45b; Nancy Van Den Akker 44; John Bayer 89; Elizabeth Muhleisen 38t; G.C. Waldrep 497; Jean Gray 82; Wanda Gregg 40; Don Clark 171; Tim Cook 451; Durward Scarborough 500; Junie McNeil 571; Regina Glass 513t; Bill Green 381t; Johnny Lee 75; Tim Gray 559; John Etheridge 434; David Lee 138t.


The class resumed singing with Bill Hogan leading song on page 30b. Leaders: Mark Davis 54t; Loraine Bayer 488t; Genny Whitworth 92; Regina Bayer and Stephanie Turnbull 168; Tim Cook and Mako Cook 488b; Charles Franklin 47b; Andrew Albers 139 (by request); Mark Davis 270 (by request); G.C. Waldrep 207 (by request); Elizabeth Muhleisen 572; Jean Gray 511b; Don Clark 436b; Wanda Gregg 155; Andrew Albers 369. John Bayer led the blessing for the noon meal.


The class was called to order by Andrew Albers leading songs on pages 76b and 267b. Leaders: Bill Hogan 184b; Nancy Van Den Akker 505; John Bayer 278b; Bill Green 426t; Johnny Lee 563; Tim Cook 506; Durward Scarborough 240; John Etheridge 524; Loraine Bayer 106; David Lee 274t; Genny Whitworth 132; Regina Bayer, Stephanie Turnbull, and Mary Turner 118; Mark Davis 522; Mako Cook and Tim Cook 299; Charles Franklin 99; G.C. Waldrep 192.


The class was brought to order by Andrew Albers leading song on page 95. Leaders: Regina Glass 365; Junie McNeil 447t; Tim Gray 384; John Etheridge 224; David Lee 65; John Bayer 49b; Regina Bayer 84; G.C. Waldrep 122; Don Clark 526; Durward Scarborough 339; Charles Franklin 319; Wanda Gregg 470; Nancy Van Den Akker 414; Bill Hogan 288; Andrew Albers 393t.

Andrew Albers led song on page 496t as the closing song. The class was dismissed with prayer led by John Bayer.

Chairman—Andrew Albers; Vice Chairman—Bill Hogan; Secretary—Nancy Van Den Akker.